Summer Hobby — pt.3

The summer season has, for the most part, flitted away. Its still sunny and dry here in the PNW – fires are still raging to the south and a few other portions of Oregon… not to mention the larger ones in California. The smokey skies are not as bad over the past week or so as well. All-in-all it has turned into a decently moderate late summer. All I really want now is some rain.

I have been busy over the last month – after my friends left for home we took a couple short vacation trips. One to the San Juans of Washington State – and another out to our own Oregon Coast for a day. And now summer visitation is over and its just me and my spouse trying to wrap up anything we need to get done at home before the late summer turns into the typical rainy fall.

Projects I have wrapped up so far…
Finished the Yurt kitchen counter. The counter is in two parts – splitting at the left side of the kitchen sink. Simple plywood carefully sanded and then applying 8 or 9 coats of polyurethane. The trick of course with anything build for the yurt is making a good set of templates and then getting the cut sheets adjusted to fit well. After a few adjustments and trimming it all came out to my wife’s satisfaction.

After the counter was completed I set out to rebuild a new working table top in the shop. This sits on top of my old pool table – I used to use my older 4′ x 8′ gaming table top but it was just to hard to work around the raised lip around the edges. Not to mention all lack of places to clamp onto. The new top is a 3 part torsion box design – something I can take apart and remove from the table top by myself if needed. Of course the new top will also allow me to have a larger area for my slot car layout.

The new track layout I am planning as a rally course … in homage to a time and area in my life growing up just outside the Mt. Hood National Forest – I grew up not far from Estacada, Oregon and my family owned and operated a towing company for many years while I was in my early teen years though my time growing into a working adult. The majority of this area (known as Bull of the Woods, Roaring River Wilderness & Clackamas Wilderness) along the Clackamas River drainage burned in the large forest fires of 2020.

I grew up riding these roads helping my dad as we towed wrecks, breakdowns and stranded folks all through this area. I grew up camping and hiking the trails and swimming in the rivers and lakes in these wildernesses. It won’t be an accurate mile for mile replication – but it will be an impressionist glimpse of this area for me. Currently, this is the project I plan to work on going into and through the fall season.

I am hoping to use my current hobby skills to leverage scratch building everything needed for this table. I have already begone planning by finding photo references for elements I want to build along with lots of “research” on youtube.

Here is a probably the catalyst for this slot car rally build endeavor … (youtube of Spanish rally track). Along with simply amazing track builds like that – I recently discovered Boone and his youtube channel (Boone’s Slot Car Garage)– with lots of slot car track specific scratch builds – all very easily explained ideas and concepts.


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