Rabbit Holes… (or if you will Summer Hobby — pt. 2)

You know things get busy in the summer – my visitation with my kids – and all the rest of the family stuff sort of takes over. Pile on top of that … Old friends visiting from another state that you have not seen in person for a couple years… an aging parent suffering from the earlier stages of Dementia and a mother of an early summer heat wave (record breaking) — and life and especially hobby time gets left at the wayside of some long forgotten roadside picnic site. Looking back over the past month or so – and I hardly remember most of it. Looking at my phone photo album usually jogs my memory about what happened – at least hobby wise when I am trying to write up a blog post (like this one).

Now I don’t know about the rest of you bloggers or hobby / gamer blogs out there – but I come up with a very basic idea of a blog post – looking at what I had done or what I hobby thing has been dominating my mind over the last bit of time since my last blog post – (hobby centric stuff). Then I just sit down and write for an hour or so… do some reading through what I tossed together… then done. I don’t write blog posts weeks or even days in advance – I definitely don’t have a backlog of posts set to release – or anything even remotely like that. This blog is a record of my hobby in as much of a stream of consciousness as this addled ADD mind can get lol.

In keeping with the title and my current state of mind … here is what I have been doing over the last month or so within the realm of “hobby”.

I did play some Warhammer 40k in the past month… although I mostly can’t remember it (but the photos say otherwise). I lost this game after modifying my list from the last game against my current favorite opponent. I probably tweaked the list to much – trying to be tactically “cute” or something. And of course the dice can be a fickle bitch as well lol. I think I was trying out a couple new additions to the Drukhari list – and I probably should been a bit more conservative on the changes from the last list. Possibly changed too much when wanting to try new units is a problem I have.

With my friend in town I got to try a demo of Team Yankee – It seems like an entertaining game… I have little room for a new game in my backlog of games to play. As I don’t have any real options locally to play (besides traveling to the local game stores on game nights) – I don’t have any real eagerness to pick anything up for it.

Although, with my friend in town … we did get a chance to play Star Wars Armada – which I got him into many years back – so we got to play a quick game of that. Over the years I have shifted to a decent Imperial fleet while he has mainly collected Rebels. It was a quick game as I have stated – because midway into the second round (or was it the start of the 3rd?) I had mauled his fleet fairly badly without taking much harm to my fleet. It was fun – I don’t get to play Armada much besides when I have this friend in town – I know a LGS has an Armada night… but it typically doesn’t mesh with my schedule. I am sure if we both played Armada more often – the games would be closer and our tactics and card usage would be more refined. As it is – it was just fun to hang out and toss some dice with an old friend … Thanks again Gunnar.

Other than that… I stumbled back on to an old dusty hobby tangent of mine… and a few weeks down a rabbit hole.

Slot cars… yes over the years I have had a couple sets of Scalextric 1/32 scale slot sets – the last set I had was one of the early “Sport Digital” track sets … only recently did I notice they upped this to an app controlled set up … allowing more cars and more interesting play. My kids and myself have over the years enjoyed pulling the sets out and playing at racing and mostly crashing over an afternoon. I quickly became intrigued with the new options and picked up the basics to get the most out of the old track I had with the new controllers and base set up.

What fun – with my youngest here on visitation this summer – we have had several nights and afternoons just racing and having some fun being together. I had almost forgotten the joy of slot cars… with my new additions to the set up I have some grander plans at building a more permanent table for playing on – especially with some grandchildren just getting tall enough to see over the table top – I have some possible illusions about spreading fun of slot cars to a newer generation.

After a couple days on YouTube looking at some amazing track set ups (lots of hobby cross treads … painting, terrain building… layout planning … etc.) I have really seen where my current hobby life will only grow into a more permanent addition of the slot cars to may routine hobby time.


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