Lockdown Fatigue /or/ The Sequestered Hobby #5.0

Well in and out of lockdown here locally … rinse then repeat seems to be the way over the last month or two – maybe 3, 4 or more? Anyhow, I haven’t been gaming since the last lock down notice locally about 3-4 weeks ago. My hobby area has become a bit of a mess and I feel like I am kinda all over the place with ideas and what to work on.

Maybe it is just all this year locked down or sequestered or maybe just isolation in general. But I feel like I have lost touch with things in my hobby. Mentally I feel drained and tired as I do emotionally.

The long PNW darkness and lack of sun has started to set in. Darkness when I leave for work each day – returning home after the sun has dropped below the horizon. The cold and wet weather has arrived. Typically, I become a recluse most nights in my shop and hobby area – and sometimes haunt a local game club a night each week. But this 2020 year has been putting a dent in my usual habits.

Also this year my mom has started to show more decline in her health – both physically and with some early dementia. My siblings and I have started to spend weekends over at her house to have take care of her and to keep an eye on things. During the week we have someone staying the night and taking care of her during the day. With my father gone many years now – she has just us kids to take care of her – in an attempt to stave off some sort of live-in facility. Covid-19 hasn’t made this job any easier lol. The largest part for me that I have slowly discovered is spending way to much time thinking about my own mortality… and that of my wife and other close friends.

This mental and emotional fatigue has made it hard to find the time and energy to really relax and find respite in my hobby. When I do find the time – I have been trying to really focus on not wasting my time on projects that may not be things I want to spend my time on down the road. Painting armies for games which I have waining interest in playing is a prime example here. (Looking at you 40k, Killteam, Bloodbowl & Necromunda).

(I wrote the above about 2 weeks ago – on or about Dec 3rd. My mindset is in a similar place still – but I thought I would move on with hobby stuff in this post – and do some sort of round up of the year and an outlook to next year in the next post – hopefully in a week or so).

Several years ago I got in on this kickstarter for this car combat game (ala- CarWars / Auto Duel) called Road/Kill. The minis were awesome – and I am a sucker for great miniatures in a kickstarter.

The game itself never seemed to gain traction – kinda clunky – but very smart and straight forward. Of course this was way before the Gaslands revolution. When Gaslands hit the scene it was a revelation. Sure hot wheels or matchbox cars are great… but I remembered this kickstarter set of cars and terrain gathering dust in my hobby area somewhere. You know – I can do a micro-garlands set with this stuff.

I started out last year by picking up a micro-gaslands set on Etsy… got new templates and tokens and a few cars with the set. The cars – well weren’t that great in my opinion. But I had a solution for that – with my dusty Road/Kill set of vehicles. I see to cleaning up the cars and got them all primed. I will get some base colors on them next – and start adding weapons and all that good stuff.

I found some terrain on Thingiverse for Gaslands – and scaled it down for some basics. The templates I have are about 80% of normal Gaslands template sizes – so I just scaled things down that way on my 3d printer as well. Things look pretty good so far.

This project isn’t complete – I will update this in the future. I plan to build a traveling case for my micro-gaslands set – with a full 24″ square playing arena (magnetized). That will be the next stage in this project.

Infinity has been at the top of my list lately, up until the latest lockdown locally – I had been going to the LGS to get a few learning games in. I decided I needed to paint my Pano faction – to a near done status before I got to far into playing more. In light of the lock-downs that are likely to continue – I may as well make good use of my alone time.

I started out by assembling and painting some bases I picked up on eBay. They have a good techno vibe – and I just wanted some good unity for this faction. I don’t plan to expand the Pano force beyond that which I had picked up from the original starter set and a few extra things from a couple years ago. I made short work on the bases in just a few nights after work.

I picked up these smaller tags after having seen them at my LGS gathering dust. I believe that they are out of print currently… and they are kinda cool looking. They came with custom bases – so I did some work to make them fit with the rest of the bases I had already completed.

On this base I took a bunch of stuff from my bits tray – along with random bits of 3d print leftovers, wire and sand to get a nice looking pile of junk for the tag to stand on.

I primed the figures and gave them a base coat of my Pano scheme – then added some washes to give them a lived in look. I will detail out the rest of the colors later. For now they will fit in with the rest of the partially painted Pano lol.

Here is yet another kickstarter that had been gathering dust in my hobby pile. Terrain for Infinity – from when I last played N3 (when N3 and USAriadna first came out).

This was an awesome set – and with my time in isolation I felt like it was a great time to get this done. I cleaned up all the parts (washed and mold lines… etc). Then I gave it all a good base fine detail primer. I followed that up with a nice metallic base coat.

I then went through and added the same detail colors and accent colors. This build had lots of parts that all had to come together in unison so things would be able to articulate correctly.

Following the basic colors and assembly I added some weathering washes following the lines of the model and details – for rain runoff and things – where the grime would build up and stuff. I need to add some decals but this is a good first complete stage for me.

Setting the cart up with its awning and all looks really nice. At some point I will have a complete Infinity styled table set up for a photo shoot lol.

Ok, I think that is it for now. Happy Holidays.


4 responses to “Lockdown Fatigue /or/ The Sequestered Hobby #5.0”

  1. Whoa, hella carwars flashbacks from the 80’s! Thanks for the update. You know your mom is close to my heart and in my thoughts. Appreciate the blog.

    • Thanks for the comments bud – as soon as these lock-downs and Covid is under control I will be looking forward to getting a game of Gaslands in – I will plan to bring over my travel version of this when it is done to show you how the game goes.


  2. Beautiful paint work on the Infinity figures and terrain!

    Re. post-apocalyptic automotive combat, I’d love to get back into Car Wars in its original scale, but with 3D figures and terrain. I’ll wait until I can get started with 3D printing I think. Probably for the better, since I have a lot to of active hobby projects too (like every wargamer).

    Wishing you and your family all the best for the holiday season and beyond!

    • Happy holidays to you – thanks for the reply. I have to many hobby irons in the project fire myself lol. But I am determined to try and get this Gasland build done before it gets too cold in my mind lol.


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