What’s New — In My Hobby…?

Well another month has seemingly swiftly slid by me… I have to admit that time just feels like it is dragging in each moment day to day. But when I look up from the grindstone I realize that weeks have flown by. Getting older I guess – time plays tricks on you.

What is new with me and my hobby … Well I finished printing this knight.

Without arms or top mount weapons.

I ran into various printing problems on it… I suspect the filament I picked up isn’t very good – or I am not very good at tweaking the printer to account for any differences.

Standing with full load of weapon options – next to the smaller Armiger knight.

To finish it entirely I turned to my resin printer – for all the weapon and arm options. I got it all magnetized – and I just need to finish some painting details. This print was mostly to test out the cheaper filament – and I think it fails when compared to the normal stuff I had from the printer purchase. It is a bit rougher – and the quality just isn’t as good as I got from other filament and settings. I am new to the FDM 3D printer – so maybe I will learn to adjust things better at some point. I am happy with the knight overall – I really need it to soak up points in my Mechanicus list for 40k.

Other than working on my Ad Mech for 40k — I noticed a local game store facebook post regarding learning Infinity CodeOne. I still have Infinity and and I still really like the look of this game. So I decided to bite the bullet and go down the local game store for a re-introduction to Infinity in its CodeOne form.

I have to say that I really enjoyed my re-intro to Infinity. I still like many aspects of this game. And what I decided that I really like most is its non-GW take on skirmish games. In CodeOne (which is a basic – trimmed and toned down version of Infinity) – everything is really smooth – and simple to learn. It sets up a nice stage for getting back into the full version of N4 Infinity. It has been a long time since I have seen a game with this much balance when comparing it to 40k lol.

Infinity figures take over the front and center position on my painting table.

I have had 2 games of Infinity CodeOne over the last 3 weeks – I have already pulled out my existing Infinity Panoceana forces to get ready for a few more games of CodeOne before we migrate over to N4.

In my second game of CodeOne I felt way more comfortable. I have already started rebuilding forces with the intentions to cover the lessons learned in the last game lol.

My mind is back to terrain and buildings and all things cyberpunk lol. I have pulled down long dusty projects to restart and finish with the intention to play. I am sorry I left Infinity in the dusty boxes of my hobby room – although it is doubtful I would have tried my hand at CodeOne or N4 without the current state of my Eldar in 9th ed Warhammer lol.

One decision has already been made in my mind — Killteam and Necromunda (40k skirmish settings) — are now on the ebay chopping block. I like 40k when things are feeling somewhat balanced. But for my skirmish gaming habit I think Dark-Age and Infinity are the winners for my interest.


2 responses to “What’s New — In My Hobby…?”

  1. […] What’s New — In My Hobby…? @ Torg’s Blog – There’s some nice hobby awesomeness in this post! There’s a cool 3D printed Knight (where would I find the STLs, pal?) and some really cool Infinity minis. I love the miniatures, but I just can’t get it to the table. This cut down CodeOne version does look fun though, and it might be better for running pick-up games with new players. Great pics throughout this article. […]

    • Sorry for not following up on this – STLs … The Torso and legs were from Makers Cult – their Dark Techno line… great stuff. Makers Cult – Dark Techno.The weapons are from quick Thingiverse searches. When you purchase the legs and torsos from Makers Cult you get pdf instructions along with a page of links for the weapons from thingiverse.

      I have my else on quite a bit of their stuff for more additions to my Ad Mech army.

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