Back to the Past Week in Hobby

It has been a couple weeks since my last update. In that time rains came for most of a week and knocked down some of the smoke in the air. The winds shifted so the smoke isn’t pushing directly from the fires into the air around my residence lol. The rains also helped the fire fighting personnel gain the upper hand on most of the fires here in the PNW. The fires closest to my home are now above 50% contained – and will probably take the next few months to put out with fall and winter rainfall to do the main portion of that job.

In the time since the last post … I have tried to get back to my project table more often. I have had a weekly game of 40k for over a month now and it has been great to have that to look forward to each week. It really helps to push new projects when you have a constant game going to keep your creative juices flowing.

In my last 2 games I have been back to playing my Wraith guard list – mostly to just be competitive with the marines on the table for my opponent. I just find that the other lists I have tried just don’t have enough to stay on the table long enough to make the game close. I am still toying with the list from game to game. The last game was the closest in a long time for me – but I still came up short in the 5th round on points … loosing by 10 or 15 VPs. My weekly opponent is very skilled with his marine army – and I really need to be on top of my game when playing him.

Lately, I have been on a pretty hard push to finish some parts of my Ad Mech army for a change on on playing my Eldar. I am hoping that the Ad Mech will be more competitive with my Marine opponents. In that vein – I pulled out a termite / mole that I had picked up a couple years ago – I cleaned it got it primed and ready to assemble.

I started by giving all the parts a quick black primer – then overplayed that with light coats of metallic silver paints. After that I gave all the parts a couple layers of washes to “grime things up”. I followed that with some good rust colors and texture build up.

After the insides of the mole was done I assembled it and did the same process on the outside. I also added some of the verdigris to help the used and beaten up look of the mole.

After the mole was complete I got to building and painting some Armigers (mini knights) for my Ad Mech force. These I picked up with the Mechanicus half of the Forgebane set from a few years ago. Again, it was a matter of black primer and then some silver spray to get the basic look done. I then washed the parts with nuln oil… and some rust colors.

I decided to magnetize the arms to allow me we have a couple different build options. And with the magnets installed I printed some big guns so I could run them as Helverins as well as the Warglaive pattern.

Plate full – some fine stringing from this new filament I got on Amazon.

I also started to print myself a full sized Knight on my printer… just the legs done so far… but I started on the torso parts last night. Next blog post maybe I will have it all printed lol.

Legs assembled!


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