Well this year just keeps on giving… on top of all the social unrest, and the Covid, and politics, hurricanes … now we have a windstorm that spurred on a great wildfire season in the PNW. Specifically in Oregon (USA) where I reside the wildfires are consuming the forest and rural areas where I grew up. Near me the flames have lavished my home with thick smoke and ash.

The blue skies to the north… as the smoke has passed overhead… 4:20pm

The smoke pushed in after a weekend windstorm which left many leaves and limbs all over my yard. The winds rushed out of the east from over the cascades … and the humidity dropped below 10%… a long hot summer left everything bone dry here. Soon the fires started – and within a few days have grown massive.

Same time as last image. Looking to the south… dark orange sky.

Before this all hit … I did do a few hobby things.

I got this Plasma Obliterator finally finished… It has been assembled and gathering dust – so I figured I would get it done. It will be a nice fortification to try out as a points filler with my new Mechanicus army build.

I also spent some time beginning to finish painting this Forge World Avatar I picked up on eBay a few years ago. Starting with white primer, then with a wash of yellow shade to get into the cracks. I followed that up with some dry brushing of black and grey.

I am not entirely happy with the look just yet. I think I will take a thin fine tipped brush and pop the magma in the cracks a bit with white here and there. I then of course need to finish up the rest of the figure.

I got the Avatar done enough to use in another game of 40k. This battle went well – I had shifted to a mostly foot-dar list. I had my flyer as well as some d-cannon support guns. I think I may have a little more tweaking with this list – but it was fun to play.

By the end of things – I was on the losing end of this battle. I simply ran out of the ability to collect objective points with my few troops. It was a fun game … and the Avatar was a beast… the no fear bubble was great.

Hopefully next week the sky will clear and we will have some rain to knock down some of these fires.