Summer in Isolation / or / My Summer

Well summer has been here and is now nearly gone — Last week I drove my daughter back to her home on the east coast. Another 6000+ mile trek cross country … this time in our full-sized van – which I added a platform for a bed to sleep on in the back. And the ability to lay down for 6-8 hours a night and rest was a game changer. I drove 12-14 hours a day – and always felt rested each morning.

We decided to stop and gawk at a few things on the way through the west on our way to the east. Overall it was a nice trip – taking slightly under a week for the round trip. It was just my wife and I on the way home – listening to audio books and simply being together. I really enjoyed our time away from the media – and the political / social nightmare that America has become of late.

Let me see… First stop was Devils Tower, which was pretty impressive. But the roadside tourist stop was a nightmare of anti-distancing no mask wearing folks… so it was a short stop lol. Following that we drove through the Badlands – which was pretty great – a real “alien” desert world feel. But we saw some Buffalo and that was kinda awesome. I took lots of photos of the terrain to use as fuel for later gaming builds.

After the Badlands we stopped in the look at this Dignity statue of a Sioux Woman – it was a really nice work of art. The blue sky and white billowing clouds made it all pretty majestic.

On our way back through Utah and into Idaho we ran into a lightning storm – and soon we spotted several brush fires in the distance which were already being managed by fire crews. The west is definitely hot & dry this time of year.

I did like the trip – but I am hoping that things will be back to a better “NORMAL” by the holidays – so my daughter can visit via an airplane ride. The two week holiday will be too short for me to drive out to get her otherwise… so a visit will have to wait till next spring or summer if I am to drive out again.

Hobby stuff — I have started using my new 3D printer quite a bit – and it has been pretty great for terrain. I feel like I got the printer dialed in pretty well – and started to be a bit more selective about building a list of stuff I’d like to print.

I picked this selection of ruins up form Thingiverse – they turned out pretty nice. I accidentally lost power when moving some things and unplugged the printer – so a slight “step” can be seen in the print. It turned out ok for ruins. Next time I will need to be a bit more careful lol.

Other than printing nonsense I have been playing 40k about once a week (aside from my weeklong trips driving 6000+ miles lol). I have yet to find a good Eldar list I like to play – I suffer from to many choices after playing since 1989 lol. Anyhow, I have gotten a few close games, one win… and quite a few crushing defeats agains a very stout marine army.

I am hoping to start building my Mechanicus army soon – for something new to wrap my head around. By default 40k has been my only game of late – I am enjoying 9th ed – but the typical first codex of the edition marines are pretty strong. I am hoping for an updated Eldar codex – but I don’t see that coming till at least the end of the year.

I am also finding that the reduced table size – combined with the larger marines lol … has kinda cut into the typical Eldar dance and evade tactics … everything seems really close – and it is hard to get away from getting punched or shot in the face LOL. It will take some adjustment to get used to what I can do on this smaller table – which the armies I typically build.


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