The Past Month In Hobby

I have spent the last few weeks, more of a full month really, just trying to get my head back into going to work and enjoying time with my daughter — and summer planning.  I have taken care of a few pre-summer todo things but really I have been really in a quiet headspace … not really leaning into one thing or another.  

That changed about a week or so ago — when I decided I’d work on a few things in the hobby area.  I first continued working on some Epic stuff – in this case gluing up my Hellbore.  Here it is getting clamped … 


More shots of it with its smaller cousins the Mole and Termite.  It is an impressive old model – and pretty heavy as well.

Last week I also set up a time and date to play some 40k with a new player from fairly close by my home.  We set up for 2000pts (the army he had built to play with) – so I updated my list from the last OFCC for the match.  I had gained over 200points due to points level changes to my Eldar – so I needed to re-work my list slightly.

I decided to add in a unit of Hellions and a unit of Reaver jet bikes… both units I would need to get painted in about a week.  I had already collected some old revers which were already assembled and painted.  I did what I could to clean them up and primer them.  The hellions I had build a couple years ago – on some old OFCC planed army and never utilized.  They were already primed so I just started airbrushing some base colors on.


The Revers are the OLD Dark Eldar biker with the spikes… I love the old look for these.

The 40k match was fun – and I was really rusty.  It was a work night and at 2000pts it was a lot to push around the table in a few hours knowing I needed to go to work the next day.  Also, the last time I played 40k was last year… at OFCC (summer 2019).  I didn’t remember most of my rules lol or what stratagems I liked lol.  I just played by the seat of my pants and tried to remember what was what with my tactics as I went.

He is still learning the game – but he had played down at the Ordo clubhouse the night before – so he had a slightly better grip on things than I did.  We had a fun time with the Open War cards and have a basic 4 objective style holding mission.  One ruse card he received allowed him to pull one unit and “outflank” with it.  Which led to more fun.

Things started out nice – I stole initiative and flew out to meet his Salamanders – having not used the Hellions I wanted to see how they could harass.  I simply pushed most things forward and tried to soak up fire with my WraithKnight.

The first rounds went well – but then I got stuck in with all his shooting …melta and heavies.  But I did get to give a good beatdown with my wraithseer on his outflanking heavy guys.  


In the end the WraithKnight was taken down… and went up in a big flash!…. vaporizing several of the marine units… as well as a couple of mine.

We called the game at round 3… we were slow with play as we were relearning the game.  Called it a draw – but I technically was down by one victory point.  All-in-all a fun time and actually got me excited to play 40k lol.  We are re-tooling our lists down to 1500pts for weeknight play and will probably get another game in the coming week.



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