Well, it has been a few weeks – nearly a month since my last blog post.  And A LOT has gone on since that last post.  Initially I was looking to start work on my Nids for Epic.  I started by rounding them up – and stripping any paint that was unwanted on things I had been collecting over the years.  It took about a week to get everything stripped and ready for primer.


About the time I was ready for primer I had been talking to my ex-wife about my daughters coming visitation period.  My daughter is typically with me over the summer (late June / July to mid August).  Well with the current Covid-19 stay at home orders and distancing – the airlines have been an iffy place to send an unattended minor across the country (from Boston, Mass to Portland, Oregon).  A long arduous day long trip in the best of times.  With the current conditions – my ex and I felt that my daughter shouldn’t fly (airports, security …etc let alone the flight and shared cabin air).  That left the potential for no visitation this summer.  

I was bummed for a few days — and the depression was settling in.  I wasn’t looking forward to a summer without my daughter here.  And she’s 13 this year… so soon she will not want to spend that time here with her dad lol.  The pressure was on… and I had one option – I had to clear it with my wife as well as my ex-wife.  I would DRIVE across country… and pick her up and drive her back … that is 6200 miles round trip.  During a pandemic…. Doesn’t seem any more risky than airlines in these times.

But, my wife agreed to share the driving, my ex-wife was ok with it as well – and would meet us in Albany, New York to help with the distance a little bit.  My daughter as well was very happy and excited to be able to come for visitation.  I got a week of vacation cleared through my boss and in the middle of the month we set out on a Thursday after work around 5:20pm on our drive.

We made good time in that first 24 hours … roughly 1450 miles down by Friday 5:25pm.  After that we slowly struggled with sleep – and rest and driving in shifts.  To minimize exposure … we slept in the car – and I did the refueling at the stops.  Meanwhile, my daughter had been at home since early March – when things got locked down for her.  She has been healthy and we would do everything we could to keep our social distancing and exposure to a minimum. 

Here are some photos from the trip – we didn’t stop besides fuel and sleep on the way out to New York … and on the way back we tried to hit a few easy and not out of the way sights.  I will likely incorporate some of the photos from the trip into my header photo on the blog as a random shot as I normally do.

Overall, in six days (roughly 5 full 24 hr periods and maybe another 14 hours more or 5.75 days) we drove 6199.7 US MILES… driveway to driveway.  We were very tired – but we had fun.  It took most of last week for me to recover my sleeping patterns enough to feel “normal” and I have been back to work this week as well.


Back in the early part of the month – I did get started on my Tyranids for Epic.  I calculate around 5000 points – but I may be able to get to 6k with a few 3d prints.  I started painting a couple tests this week – but I am not sure if I like them yet.  I wanted to go with a purple shell and a fleshy magenta color – but it isn’t really growing on me.  

I may strip the 4 Trygons and couple troopers and start over.  I was trying to use the contrast paints I had on hand for the these – but I am not sure as to that now.  I want to make these down and dirty simple to paint. Back to the drawing board I think I will do a red and then do a sepia wash – for a warmer and more striking looking force.  Otherwise I may go with a yellow and black “hornet” looking force.  I am just not sure yet.

That is it for this post – I am hoping to soon have some Dark-Age on the game table as well as possibly some Epic play testing.