Sequestered Hobby / #3 — EPIC Imperial Guard Steel Legion

I have spent the majority of my hobby time in the last week or so working on finishing my Epic Imperial Guard / Steel Legion.  I have been finalizing the list bits and 3D printing gaps as possible. My goal in all of this is to have a selection of epic armies fully painted and ready to go when I can get a chance to play. In the cue are these Imperial Guard, Squats, Tyranids, Eldar, Marines, Orks, and Necron at some point down the line.

I already have a small (2k-3k) painted force for both Marines and Orks … along with a few Eldar.  I will probably jump to the Marines next to fill them out to around 5000 points of painted minis.  I don’t anticipate needing to print anything for the marines actually.  I had played marines in Epic back in the old times – lol – so I have plenty of those along with the Eldar and Orks to work from. My son is keen on me building the Tyranids after that.  

So back to what is on the table … Imperial Guard – Steel Legion (~5,000 – 6,000 pts.).


In this shot I have most all of my mechanized parts of the Guard … at this point I was going to use the termites and moles for the guard … but after discovering the Squat list on the EPIC UK board I decided to move all my tunnelers into the Squat list.  When I do paint the termites, moles and Hellbore I will probably keep them sorta generic in paint scheme – just so I can use them for the IG as well.


The biggest chunk to paint would be the 20 Leman Russ tank squadrons.  I started out by priming these guys grey and then with a white coat sprayed from the top.  This gave a basic zenithal highlight to put some GW Contrast paint over as a base. I can’t remember the exact naming on the color I used – I think it was Aggaros Dunes.  After that done I hit them with some earthshade wash… then some black and other darker washes to bring up the grime and dirt look.

After all that I started to pick out the rest of the colors, starting with black for the tracks, gun metal with the metallic bits, and then some random colors for extra stuff hanging about each tank.  When that was done I gave the whole thing some more dark washes to unify and dirty up the look.  Then it was time for highlights mostly done with dry brushing. With stage complete I just sprayed them all down with a semi glass varnish to lock it all in.

Last for these I went back in with some weathering powders to pull up the flat dust and grime against the semi gloss look.

After all those tanks were complete I finally felt like the Imperial Guard were looking like they were actually looking like I was making progress.  At this point I decided I was moving the Termites and mole to the Squat list (or as a stand alone group).  So that left a problem with how to do transports for the other large formation and support units.  I had already picked up these chimeras a year or so ago to transport a mechanized formation.


I needed another 7 at a minimum… but after adding up the support units I figured I needed two times that.  So, I tracked down a decent STL file for the transport and started to print a couple batches.  These Epic figures are small and short – so each batch of 8 took about 2 and a half hours to print. 


After getting them all printed and cleaned up – I taped them down to a stick and primed them.  


After that it was kinda the same process at the tanks – washes and contrast colors to base them all out.  I am not done with them yet – still need to pull out all the bits… but they will get done this week.  Was kinda hard for me to match the other chimeras I had painted a few weeks ago…. But I think they will be close.



I started basing all of the infantry units and other support units around this time as well.  Starting with some earth texture paint for some good cracks.  Then added some larger ballast for rocks and boulders.  I then sprayed them all brownish red… added another round of washes and then pulled to the rocks with black and grey.  I am going for an overall barren / armageddon look for these Imperial Guard – so I think things look pretty good overall as a group.

I got some painting started on my bomber and flyer units within all of this as well.  I also printed another few bombards and mortar units to fill out some more gaps.  The rest of my time this week will be to finish up the larger super heavy tanks as well as the rest of my mechanized units for these Imperial Guard.  I will try to get them all done this week – before wrapping the army up with the old Reaver titan.


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