Well Hello, Spring / or / The Sequestered Hobby

What have I been up to in march?  The month started out beautiful outside — spring fever hit and we got out and started working in the yard. I had my annual aging event – Things were great… then this virus stuff hit – so things got weird.  

I am still working through this as my company has been deemed to be necessary (boxes for medical and produce industry).  These “rules” seem to be pretty vague… if we are intending to slow this in its tracks it seems to me folks need to take this more seriously.  But mine is a capitalistic system – so what can ya do.

Be safe out there — wash yer hands, limit social gatherings … etc. I am not sure about you, but I have tons of “projects” in my hobby area that need attention.  So use your time wisely and work into your hoard of plastic / resin or metal figure / terrain stuff lol.

I have been working on several things at once.  I picked up these Epic 40k Eldar objectives a few weeks back and decided it was time to get them done.  Of course that led to finding and working out objectives for the all of the other Epic armies I had.  Typically starting with a 40mm base, then glueing down some cork into something interesting. 

After I got the Eldar objectives done I set do mounting my existing Imperial objectives on the same size 40mm bases and painting them up and adding flocking.  And not to be outdone, I took some Nid bits and made objectives for them as well.



I started getting some assembly line painting going on some Infinity Pano and Nomads.  I ran these both through a quick and dirty airbrushing of a few shades or blue and red respectively to get things looking better.  I followed that up with some dark washes to help pop things out a bit more.  I wrapped up the basic work by adding some flesh color paint and wash to all the exposed skin.  I wrapped up this basic work with painting all the weapons black.  I got bored after that and put these guys into one of my project trays under my bench.  I intend to pull them out again and run through a few color additions assembly line style again soon.


Rex Rhino_1

While all that was going on I decided to work on this Arena Rex Rhino.  I want to get more of these Arena Rex figures done before the summer… and the Rhino “Acerbus” looked fun and kinda easy to get a quick paint job to look good on.

First I had to assemble the figure.  Starting as with all resin figures with a quick bath with soap and warm water to clear any oils or powders left on the mini.  Then I thought about the pose and assembled the mini with super glue.  After assembly I added cork to the base and then covered that with some GW Algrellan Earth – for that cracked dirt look.

While the base was drying I added liquid green stuff to fill in cracks on the glued joints and any other irregularities from the manufacturing process.  While that was drying I drilled and pinned the front foot to the base for a great pose of Acerbus bearing down on a target.  

After the green stuff had dried (while I was doing other stuff like painting epic objectives or Infinity assembly lines) I primed the base and the rhino black.  After assembly of the base and the rhino on the pin I then hit the entire thing with 3 layers of lighter grey paint (airbrushing) to achieve a nice lighted and shadowed look.

Next, I started through a series of washes to pop out the details on the rhino.  Starting in the shadows from the belly upwards.  Black and brown washes helped the shadows look a bit more natural on this hulking figure.

When the washes were dry I set out to pull out all the cuts and wounds on the rhino with blood and gore… I did this with 3 shades of red and an ink/wash mixed in of crimson to sell the look.  I then added some quick dry brushing over the top to pick out all the highlights.  After the dry bushing I went back with some more blood and streaking and touch-up washes.  

At this point I think I am 99% done with Acerbus – I just need to finish up the basing details and I will call him done.


I dug out this old abandoned project.  From over 30 years ago… my first big dead project mini.

B of Sorrows Box_1

B of Sorrows dragon mag_92

The Bridge of Sorrows mini by Ral Partha of Den Beauvais’s Dragon magazine cover art.  I got this mini as a prize to a mini painting competition in the early 1990’s.  I was so excited and I started painting it immediately.  But, in my early blundering / naivety – I glued up the dragon and started painting it assembled to the bridge.  Instead of painting things apart … subassemblies … then assembling things last.  I did the reverse and started painting the dragon and the bridge.  Well, that didn’t work out.  After days of flipping things over and back and painting – the tail broke apart.

B of Sorrows Box_2

I had visions of fixing the tail with drilling and pinning a long time ago.  But through several moves and other things, I never got to it.  At some point the parts ended up in this dusty padded box.

B of Sorrows In parts_1

I started out by making sure I have all the parts to take on this project. After that I set to prepping the tail on the bridge for drilling and got a good long pin to bring these parts back together.  After the bridge tail was done I clamped down the dragon best that I could think of – and then drilled the other end of the broken tail.  After that it was a matter of making sure I got things positioned correctly.  The pin is crafted out of a super stiff and hard rod I picked up from the RC car hobby section of my hobby shop.  I inserted the pin and glued up both ends.  

After the glue set up I added green stuff to all the joints and tried to work in some texture and scales on all the parts as I re-assembled the dragon.  When this was all dry I noticed that this mini was loaded with dust build up.  To clean things I loaded water into my airbrush and gave the mini a nice soaking spray.  I used a fat brush to lightly scrub the water down and off.  After about 15 minutes of this rinse and repeat process the dragon looked pretty clean.  Check out the photo below of the dust that collected on the rag I had the dragon sitting on – the brown is the dust lol. ). I then gave the green stuffed elements a quick black airbrushing and then gave the whole thing a light matte clear coat to hold in all the work I had done in painting this 30 years ago.

That’s about where things are left off for me during my hobby sequestration.  I plan on dusting off my 3d printer and making some more bits for my Epic armies over the weekend.  I will follow up with a post on that hopefully next week.


2 responses to “Well Hello, Spring / or / The Sequestered Hobby”

  1. Wow, that’s rather a lot of work done! I really love the epic objectives, the base decoration on the Eldar ones are very tasteful indeed. Also the Rhino looks wonderfully battered.

    I remember having an all metal Dragon many, many years ago (maybe the citadel undead one?) and struggling to get it to stick together with my dad’s superglue…. absolute nightmare.

    Wonderful stuff as always.

    • well – I didn’t post much this month – so I guess it all stacked up into one post lol. Felt like I got stuff done though.

      Yeah – Pins and superglue seem like the only way to go with those big metal (Heavy Metal) figures.


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