Well I have been sick with the flu or some other crud over the past few weeks.  I have finished the main push on the yurt kitchen counter / cabinet / and sink.  I move onto the new lighting and shelving right before I got pretty sick for a week or so.

At about the same time I was wrapping up the initial build out on the kitchen I wrapped up painting my current Dark-Age CORE faction.  Finished the bases and now I have a fairly sizable group of CORE to choose from.  I am pleased with how they turned out.  Currently I am looking for the last 3 models I would need to call the CORE collection complete.  If anyone has these for sale or trade I am keen to find them.


After my last post about the year in review – I pulled out my EPIC 40k — Armageddon box and started thinking about what is keeping me from getting this game back on the table for play.  I re-organized the stuff in the collection and started working out what I needed to build a few playable forces.  Currently the Marines, Orks and Eldar are good to go with 3000pt painted and assembled forces.  I will need to update their written lists before I can con someone into throwing dice around in a game though.

After a few afternoons after work I have figured out I have good portions of Imperial Guard, Squat and Tyranids forces.  A few pieces are needed to really make those forces work at 3000 points… but a quick browsing of both e-bay and Thingiverse (3d print files) I am quite sure I can get what I need to make these armies playable as well.

I have probably too much of some armies as well.  So I will likely be selling more things on eBay this year as soon as I figure out what I have too much of for any one faction for EPIC.  Most likely have Orks, Marines and some Eldar in overstock lol.  I picked up EPIC on two different editions back in the day (I am that old)… so that is one reason I have to many Marines and Orks lol.  And I collected Eldar in EPIC as well as 40k lol.

I also found I had a few things I had never put together – like this Forge World Aeronautica Thunder Hawk and this Imperial Lander.  I think I will be building at least 2 marine forces so I can include these in at least one fast strike marine list.

While I had all these minis out my son dropped into the hobby area… and seemed to be intrigued about all the 6mm Warhammer stuff … so I think I may be able to get something going in a week or two for a battle with him.  And then post up a battle report of course.  He was very into the idea of connected games of Battlefleet Gothic / planetary empires and EPIC.  So we will see if I can get these plans to fruition.