New Year — Perspectives

A few weeks ago I started thinking about New Years resolutions. Mostly hobby related — but not restricted to hobby necessarily. And over the last few weeks I’ve been reading the blogs I follow and the resolutions others are recapping and trying to initiate.

So, it’s about time I looked at myself in this regard and see how I’ve done – and what I may look to do in the following year.

Looking back to my top 5 list of last year… my main goals were.

(1) Play more 40k – OFCC and finish the Bright Stallion for the army.

– how did I do?

• Well I didn’t really play more 40k last year. But I did go to OFCC and I did finish that Bright Stallion. And I’m very happy about that all turned out. I’ll call this one a win

(2) EPIC … play – paint – anything?

• I didn’t get epic out and on a table last year – not even the hobby and paint table. I feel bad about this – I really want to get this on the table again. FAIL

(3) Mechanicus… build it – play it.

• I did pick up a couple more things for this army. And I see that GW plans on a flyer for the army. But I haven’t built anything for this – including the War-hound Titan. I’ll call this a fail – just not an all caps fail lol.

(4) Arena Rex – play and paint.

• I did play more Arena Rex this year. But I’ve just started to paint factions this fall. I’m making slow progress – but only a partial success I suppose.

(5) Remodel – hobby room – rebuild.

• I did do 90% of this – the renovation and transformation was awesome. It took most all of my spring last year to get through. But I’m loving how things are turning out. This was a success for sure and it sparked me to work on several other things – including the airbrush station in the fall.

So – all in all… 2 wins, 1 partial and 2 fails wasn’t a bad outcome. Along with the listed resolutions I picked off a couple other items successfully last year.

(1) Was I finally build the yurt porch covering. That was something on my todo list for years – and that is done.

(2) The hobby purge to raise funds for the 3d printer. This was a success not only to cut done on the clutter – but I now have a nice little resin 3d printer that I’ve already used for the hobby.


Looking ahead into 2020 …

(1) The biggest item on this years list would be to finish the Hobby room renovation. Including the back wall cleaning and purge as needed.

This dovetails into finishing the basic remodel of the shop main stall. New / working shop sink, redoing the saw station and a new work table top (also to used for gaming) for the pool table.

(2) Arena Rex – paint, paint, paint. I’d like to have the factions I started in the fall painted by the spring this year. And then start on additional factions before the summer arrives.

(3) EPIC – DAMNIT. Paint, model and have 3-4 army choices ready to play be this summer. Including terrain and stuff to actually play smallish games.

(4) Board Games – I’ve collected quite a few. I need to play them lol. I’d like to get into a regular weekly board game night by the summer.

(5) Utilization of the 3D printer. I’ve only scratched the surface on this so far. I’ve not been able to really just sit down and work through learning more about running this machine. I know it is a very capable device and I just need to give it some focused time.

So utilization would be classified as actual printing of larger projects and miniatures. There are several Patreon pages I’ve started to follow with awesome sculpts. I will want to start printing some this year.

(6) I’m not sure I need a sixth resolution point … but here it goes.


Yup – I said it. The bane of most hobbyists in the world lol.

Finish the yurt projects needing to be completed. Finish the shop remodel. Finish going through armies and selling off stuff. Finish – finishing armies.

All of this stuff that I have started – some I have to get done. While other hobby stuff I could just scrap and drop it. Armies or games I can sell off I should if I’m got no reality based plans for I should get rid of.

This finishing stuff is as much about finishing as well as not starting more stuff while there is stuff to finish lol. Especially in the wargaming hobby landscape.

For me trying to minimize isn’t about doing without the next cool and shiny thing. It’s about focusing my time on things so I can get more value out of the things I have. Playing the games I have, painting and playing with the minis I have or have collected. And spending more time enjoying the stuff with others (ie. more playing and doing than painting and preparing).

The outlook I’m trying to hit at here is … less massive collections of stuff I never get on the table. And more focus on the minis and games which I can actually play or show others how to play.


What all this wraps up to mean is I feel myself having in been spread pretty thin the last few years. I’ve also been feeling the pressure to finish things looming over my head (ie. The Bright Stallion project or the Yurt porch cover).

In the end these looming projects just kept me in a limbo of a fear of starting new things because of the things I have not finished. This cycle perpetually goes around and around. Until I break … or I break the cycle.

How do I plan to do this you may ask … ? And I have no idea lol.


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