This New-Year in Hobby

This Christmas & New Years break allowed me to get to work on a long lost yurt project that my wife would really love to see completed.  So, I planned ahead and collected a few materials ahead of the break to allow me to get started on the day after the Christmas activities.  Part Christmas gift — part getting another project monkey off my back.

Yes… the yurt “kitchen” zone…


As it stands this area is dominated by the water handling equipment.  A 50 gal. hot water heater, the dual water filter set up and the water line control area.  I needed to build things to allow me to still have the ability to easily change water filters as well as turn off the main water line.  Also, if the water heater ever does need to be replaced — I needed to make it easy enough to remove parts of this counter to remove the tank and replace it with whatever is available in the future.

All in all, I needed to use screws when building & I needed to keep the structure as open as possible.

I tried to stick with 2×2’s for the main construction with 2×4’s where needed for extra strength.  The bathroom wall side of the kitchenette is about 6’ long ending against the yurt wall on one end and the fridge on the other.  Using the fridge depth as a reference we settled on 28” deep counters… sitting (for now” 35” off the floor.

One of my worries going into this project was the countertop build itself.  We want a resin over wood countertop with LED lighting and some other doo-dads within.  This will take extra time to build – and pouring resin will be better done when the weather is warmer.  So, my compromise in this project was to build the kitchenette to a height of 35” … giving me an inch to work with later when building the resin finished countertop.  For now the top would be ½” cheap plywood.  This would allow us to use the area and make modifications over the rest of the winter before we finalize our countertop plans.


There will be no drawers or doors on our kitchen cabinets… for one to keep the look simple… secondly to keep things from getting lost in the drawer abyss lol.  The shelves within the counter will have baskets which will be fully removable.

Over the last weekend and on New Year’s Day I worked on the sink cabinet.  This cabinet will sit against the yurt wall — under the yurt window.  This isn’t a huge kitchen … it is hardly a kitchenette.  But it is a yurt after all – keeping this simple – and concentrating on things we really feel we need – and which will give the most “bang for the buck” as it could be said.  Within the yurt that “buck” is valuable space.


The sink cabinet will be freestanding.  Later when the resin countertop is complete the kitchenette will be one continuous surface wrapping around from the fridge and around the sink.  This is a heavy sink — so I used 2x4s for the main structure to keep this cabinet extra stable.  I’m hoping to have this sink plumbed by the end of the coming weekend.

Between the last blog post and this yurt kitchenette work I got a little hobby time in…  On my last additions to my Dark-Age Shadowcaste.  It has been really hard to track down Dark-Age stuff over the last 4-6 months.  I only have a couple figures for fill out the Shadowcaste… but I have my doubts I will find them anytime soon.


While the primer was drying on the figures I got the base inserts completed to match the Shadowcaste I had already completed earlier in the year.

I went back to my blog to try to figure out how I painted the other Shadowcaste figures… It took a few coats of blue and purple washes to really make things fall into the same scheme.



This is kinda where these guys sit on my bench – MOSTLY done … but not quite.  I also picked up a few more CORE figures … here are the bases I started building for them…


More on the added CORE units next time I hope.


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