This Week in Hobby

I tried a couple of times to try and get this blog post up … but I ended up needing to reinstalling my wordpress app on my iPad – and loosing the post in the process.  So here we are with a new try.  Here is what I have been working on over the last week or three.

A couple weekends back I started this long delayed project over Labor Day (US).  I very old and long time friend of mine (from way back in high school) had a well intentioned AD&D character.  This was one of those first characters you get to live past 10th level… after you get the hang of playing the game and you have survived those early killer DM days lol.

I had seen this 54mm figure online at some point 15 years or more ago and sent a link to my old friend.  I told him this figure reminded me of his old character.

My friend orders the mini … agreeing that it reminded him of his beloved character from those old AD&D days.  Its is a 54mm figure – nice for display size… with nice details.  He picked it up and had plans of someone building and painting it for him someday.  And of course those somedays turn into long stretches of time.

Late last year (I think… or a year before that lol), my friend mentioned that he never got anyone to build and paint this character mini for him.  He wondered if I would take on this challenge… I agreed and after I got the mini in my hands I proceeded to set the box on a shelf until I had the inkling to work on the project.


The assembly was pretty straight forward – especially when compared to some more modern multi part figures.  I got him glued up – and green stuffed gaps and irregularities.  I then gave the figure a nice “super fine” primer coat.

While the figure was setting … between the green stuff curing time and primer coats… I started thinking about how I wanted to finish this figure.  I had found a old display cube while working on my hobby area last spring – and I thought it would be a good idea to do a little diorama with it.


I gathered up some resin pillars and rubble piles … and started playing around with setting the stage.  Initially I had thought of putting some kind of other creature in the diorama for an action scene.  But I really couldn’t come up with anything that fit the 54mm scale.  I thought that maybe the opponent would have to live in the viewers mind.  After setting the scene, marked out where things would go and glued down the mini’s base.

Following the placement I then filled in the floor with torn cork sheet bits.  Trying to match and fit into the pattern on the miniatures base.  After that was complete I added 2 grits of sand  and glued down the rest of the scenery.  I added some greenstuff to help give the cork flooring more texture.  I was aiming for a rough rock hewn continuity … to loose where the mini base was within the scene.


When that was all done – I went in and painted everything a universal medium grey color.  Following that I added a few washes to at first define dark shadows and cracks… and then to add a good overall dirty, dusty and grimy feeling to the scene.  I added random skulls here and there and tried to make sure everything felt like it fit into the scene.

And with a good couple dry brushing coats it all started to come together. I pulled out the skulls with some ivory color base and brown wash.  I added more washes to the rubble and dirt patches to give more variety to the look as well.  I finished off the look by adding some grassy bits.


With the base done I turned my attention back to the big mini.  I gave him a couple washes to pull out the details – and to start to see what is what.  And that is where he sits now – getting some base colors – but otherwise waiting for a new spark.


Why did I stop?  Well I had another project I started on Labor Day (US)…  A project I have been putting off all summer lol.


It starts as always with a bit of money spent on lumber and materials.  And then it grows with each and every trip back to the lumber or hardware store lol  (9 visits over a week – as my wife was keeping track).  It was time to build the roof over the porch.  I had been going back and fourth on plans over the past year.  I was finally ready to put things in motion.



I spent my Labor Day Saturday morning digging two 3′ deep x 12″ wide holes to accept these two 14′ 6″x6″ posts. I got them leveled and plum – and then filled the holes around the posts with 4 60# bags of concrete.   I then let the concrete cure for over a day – and started building the cantilevered structure to support the roof.

Over the course of the next week a few hours after work each day I got the left side assembled.  Lots of big cuts – and figuring went into getting things to look kinda right lol. This past weekend I finished the big structure parts and just started working on getting the rafters positioned when the rain started rolling in.


The porch roof will be 4 inches above the yurt roof.  The structure is intentionally bold and heavily built.  I am positive you can build something with less structure and be a solid and sound construction.  But this is the look we wanted… and it fit a build that doesn’t use the yurt for support as well.

Over this week — between rain and thunder storms I will get the rafters prepped (cutting a 45° angle to their ends (for esthetics of course) – and positioning the supporting brackets.  I will finish the roof next weekend with the polycarbonate solar grey panels.  This will help cut down the sunlight hitting the porch (35%) and provide 95% UV protection for at least the next decade.  Next Saturday we hope to secure our railing options and get the entire porch finished soon after.

When this porch project is complete I am needing to jump on a few other projects I have in my cue.  The first of which is starting to get going on a build for the Black Friday Apocolypse game – a large 3′ x 2’x2′ minimum structure.  Within the mechanicus theme.  My hope is it will be something playable as well as become a backdrop display for my future Mechanicus army.  That of course needs to be completed by Thanksgiving (US).

After that … I need to get back to work on my hobby / shop area remodel.  Finishing the main hobby room and getting the main stall work going.  Along with that I need to dig into the Kitchen work in the Yurt.  Which will be the last big project within the yurt.  I am hoping to start on that over the winter and finish before next spring.  Best laid plans – we will see how I do.


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