3D Printer — Update

Somewhere in mid July my 3D printer had some funny errors – then the next thing I knew the thing wouldn’t travel “up” on it’s Z axis.  I was lucky that I had already printed parts for my OFCC army – although I suppose I would have found other solutions to that stuff.

Anyhow, after contacting support (via email) which took typically 24-32 hour turns on Q&A as they are in China.  I was directed to take the printer apart – watch a couple videos and test out some possible issues.  After those tests led to no fixes – I was told I would be sent a new motherboard (free of charge) that I would need to fix the printer.

After a little over a month I received the new motherboard… but I was DEEP in the last weeks of getting my army done for OFCC.  So I left the printer and new motherboard alone until I would have time to dig into installing the new motherboard.

After another short video I was set to do the install / exchange of motherboards.  Things were very easy to do – and the video was nicely plotted at almost “real-time” with my assembly.  After about an hour I had things back together.  It seemed to function well … so after basic set up I ran a test print.

Six hours later I had a good test print which looked nice and had no errors.  I am happy that the 3D printer is back in shape… and I am back to printing do-dads for my hobby stuff.  Currently I am running bits for a build I need to get started on for my annual “Black Friday Apoc” game – which will be held back at Fate and Fury Games in Vancouver Washington again this year.  I need to build a big centerpiece – Mechanicus themed – line of sight blocker lol.  


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