Ynnari / Harlequin Army

Ynnari / Harlequin Army

Ok, here it goes, a photo log of my finished army for the 2019 OFCC.  I would like to say that most of this army is done.  But, it’s not.  I will go back into the Bright Stallion to pull out the highlights which seemed to have gotten lost after my midnight flat clear coat the night (morning) before the event.

The rest of the things needing finished would be passengers for the Venoms and Star weaver transports.  The Wyches are probably done – even without their faces really being more than wash and dry brush dashes.  The rest are probably as done as they will ever get. … here you go – I may have gotten a little crazy with the angles lol.

My Autarch on Jetbike — “Counts as”… an nod to “Baron Sathonyx”… on a skyboard.


My Succubus is an old GW RT era Lelith Hesperax figure.


Harlequin Shadowseer – lightly converted with a new staff and star weaver face icon.


The Visarch – all as stock – painted to match look of army.


Harlequin Death Jester – stock with simple paint to match the rest.


Yvraine — I didn’t like the static look of the stock model… so here is my version.  Uses about three or four different kits – the main body is the stock Yvraine.


My Wraithseer — “Counts-as” Harlequin Wraithlord.  I completed this base model probably decades ago.  But I made some updates for this army.  I redid the ribbons with brass sheets.  I also gave him a new staff with more Harlequin touches.


Harlequin Troupe — I kept the paint simple – to match the Wraithseer.  Frankly I was running out of time for painting – so the paint scheme had to be simple lol.


Wyches — again – I wanted to keep painting simple – here is some of the wyches I had painted for this army.  In all I painted 17.


Next, the Venoms and the Starweaver.  These I really needed to get done quick – so the paint was kept simple and easy to do.  I will finish up the extra riders at some point.


And I have put this off long enough… here is the (mostly) finished Bright Stallion.  I had to make some last minute color choices – as I only finished this at about 1 am the night before the OFCC event lol.  I look at it and see all the little things I need to go back and finish.  But he turned out better than I thought he would when I really pushed through it over the last week before the event.


Ok, there you go.  I will put this army away for awhile before I did back into it.  Sometime after the rainy season has started and I am stuck inside.  I have a few projects already on my gaming / hobby “To Do” list.  If all goes well, I will get to the updates before I possibly take it back to OFCC next year.


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  1. Lovely and effective work. I’ve wanted to start an Eldar army for many years, and so I’ve got the models, but other painting projects keep getting in the way. Seeing stuff like this is pretty inspirational though, and as always, that stallion is crazy good!

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