OFCC — 2019

It has been a week for me to recover and review my OFCC happenings this time around.  It has been a couple years that I have missed going to the event.  Partly was that I wasn’t interested in what I had seen the direction of the event IMO – and though that perception coupled with family obligations I just wasn’t pursuing attending the event.

But this time around, I was really looking forward to the event.  I had set up my army to force me to get things finished on my project table.  The Bright Stallion was to be a centerpiece to this army – knowing that the deadline would push me to complete it.  Along with that, I wanted to get a good start on my long wanted Harlequin force in working order.  This was a partial victory really, because I hadn’t had time to really finish building let along painting the Skyweavers.

All in all, I am happy with how things ended up.  I had a fun team and I got to catch up with many old friends and saw many faces I remembered (if not names).  I lost all of my 5 matches.  Three of them were close battles — and two of the battles were not.  I had fun in all the games.  But the first day’s three battles were under my groggy lack of sleep lol.

Ok, here is the photo dump of my games and of some of the things I found interesting at this years OFCC event.

My first battle was against this daemon army… I really had poor dice on trying to bring down the big winged brute lol.


My second battle was against Tau – once I got close I was doing well – but I took too many hits along with the way getting close.  But I was getting a better hand of how things were going with my new army.  Although my lack of sleep still kept me from thinking through things well enough to make it matter


My 3rd battle was against this beautifully painted Ultra Marines army.  My opponent didn’t paint it,  I think it was a member of his team (or a pro-painted army).  This was something of a irritation to me later.  As the army is beautiful and wonderfully painted… I just wonder how this sort of dealings skewed “team painting” scores – I didn’t see any type of vetting or screening on if your army was the army you painted in as so much a painting score was compiled.


After a good nights rest — I got up refreshed and ready to play.  I was lucky as my teams opponents was captained by a local acquaintance – A fun player and “old timer” like me lol  He played Tau – a very cool “mech warrior” styled paint scheme.  Another close game – but probably the most fun I had in the entire event to this point.


My last game of the event was against ORKS!  A fun game – and I nearly snatched a win.  This turned in the the best battle of the event… which was hard to top after the game prior to this one.  But a very cool and easy going opponent with a fun attitude and Orks – how can that go wrong?  This opponent was my recipient of my “Favorite Opponent” pin.  Well deserved.  I also received his favorite opponent pin as well.  A great last game of the event was a very good way to end this years OFCC.

This wasn’t the first game I lost my Bright Stallion – but in this game it was mostly taken out by a Shockk Attack gun in the fist turn of shooting lol  – I took over 11 points damage from a Shockk Attack gone?!?  lol.  Lucky rolls by my opponent – which probably turned the tide of the game before it really got started.

That was my games, I didn’t really keep track the first day as to how each battle went – so I just decided not to on the second day lol.  I am still getting my bearing with this Ynnari Harlequin force and I do plan on to keep playing it more.

Here are more photos of the things that caught my eye walking around the hall between rounds and meals…

I wish I had thought about going thought the entire hall to find more cool photo opportunities.  I glanced a few very nicely painted Age of Sigmar forces, as well as some Infinity forces.  A Blood Bowl tournament also was held at OFCC this year – and I know fun was had by all.


I had fun, I really enjoyed this event… and over the past week I have reviewed how things went.  I am currently planning on attending next years OFCC.  Most likely with the same (or nearly the same) army from this year.  I could finish the Skyweavers and get a good amount of play testing worked out in the time between now and then.

But I am not 100% sold on doing this, for one reason is the event for 2020 has moved up it’s date to mid July… which is in the middle of my daughters visitation time.  That could be a problem for me.

Along with that, I am still concerned about how the team scoring is done in as in so far as it concerned commission painted forces in what is billed as a hobbyist event.  I am good with nicely painted forces – I know that there are commissioned painted forces within the event.  Even pro-painted not painted by the gaming participant armies exist.  What I would like to understand better is how that is figured into the painting score for the teams … if at all.  And if it isn’t … why?

OK – sorry about that rant.  I will follow this blog post up with a pictorial of my finished army.  Along with a mostly finished Bright Stallion.


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