Sorry folks — I’m buried in trying to finish my army before the OFCC team event starts this coming Saturday morning (8.17.19).

I’ve been making steady progress… I’ve just not had time to sit and post to the blog.

So, without much else to say – here are some progress photos of my army – as it is.

I decided to use my old Harlequin jet bikers as “Counts-As” Skyweavers… really to just save time on building and painting to new GW versions.

I’ll post up a finished army photo at some point … hopefully before Saturday lol.

This weekend is the OFCC event – so I’ll plan on posting up something of a record of the event from my perspective later next week as well.

As for now I’m back to work / and staying up late to finish this project. I guess I need to review my rules again – lol – and see how things will work.