DARK-AGE – Summer Battle 2019

I had a request from my daughter to play some Dark-Age.  I had bought her to play last year over her summer visitation and we played again over the holidays.  Now it seems that it is something she wants to go back to play from time to time.  So I took the opportunity to play some Dark-Age with her over the weekend.

I used some of my Asteroids terrain to lay onto my ruins mat… added the normal junk & scrap yard terrain and dug out my armies.  Currently, I have 3 factions painted including the recently painted Dragyri Shadow Caste.  The other painted factions I have are the Outcasts and the Brood.  I have a few other armies for Dark-Age – but not painted.  My goal is to have several painted factions for Dark-Age.  Even though the game is in a slow or dead time – the rules are solid enough and the minis are easy enough to find fairly cheaply on eBay or amazon from time to time.

My daughter decided that she liked the Shadow Caste Dragyri and the big spider Hunteress.  Leaving me the Brood (my typical go-to) or Outcasts.  I decided to change it up and went with the Outcasts for a change.  That gave me a chance to see how Mongo would do against the large spider that is the Huntress.  It should be a good match up.  I always lend my daughter tactical advice when she seemed like she was doing something silly.

We read through the cards for each figure in her army – and settled on running a 500pt game.  I did some quick references to the rules (we used the most current 2017 rulebook).  Just to be sure what the rules were again lol.  Then we discussed options – the terrain features – dangers as well as cover.



It was time to begin … She won the initiative roll and we went round-robin on deployment.  After that she started slowly creeping her spiders forward.  I started most of my force – including Mongo inside the fenced area of the scrapyard.  I only had my scut and a wasteland warrior outside the parameter covering the flank.  She set up her forces pretty much with a long line heading directly to the center engagement area.



I moved Mongo and company towards the central building – hoping to get my sniper some higher ground – as well as head off any frontal assault with Mongo.


IMG_2061Nothing other than positioning happened in the first turn…  although I found it funny when my daughter turned the Huntress away from the range of my Scut … whom is kinda weak and doesn’t typically do much.  After that I decided I would move my Wasteland warrior down from where the Scut was and move over to the fence for a better line of attack.



IMG_2063My daughter followed up turn 2 with more cautious movement … and getting her Deaths Device of Shadow in the far side of the ruined building.  Meanwhile she had her Vespa run up to face down Mongo… staying just inside of a turn three charge.

Seeing this I decided I needed more muscle into the fenced area… my wasteland warrior was out of place so I decided to “jump the fence” with her… which was an ill-advised maneuver.  The fence we decided provided light cover.  It was climbable … but it was dangerous due to two barb wire strands around the top.  So – that is one action to climb UP and one action to climb DOWN (I forgot I could have jumped down).  Anyhow, two dangerous AS4 hits… I shrugged off the first but the wires got me on the way down.  … rolling a critical failure – she was left for dead.  Fence 1 Outcasts 0.  lol


My other moves for turn 2 were to move my warchief around to lend a hand with the incoming Vespa.  Then move my sniper ( finn deadeye) up the stairs for better position for shooting as well as her bodyguard Unbound.  My Scut stayed put on top of the rocks for now.

My daughter rushed in with the Vespa to get some good hits on Mongo – whom helm firm – only taking one point of damage and shrugging off several hits.


Turn 3 – I moved in with my Warchief to lend a hand on the Vespa – and put minimal damage onto it.  I turned my attention to my sniper and took out 2 spiderlings in 2 well aimed shots.  – The Dragyri Deaths Device leap / climbed up the wall to face down the sniper – whom nearly lived through the attack – fending off several hits – but taking one wound.  Meanwhile – Mongo made light work of pummeling the Vespa into a fine bloody mist.


By the 4th turn – things were looking pretty solid for the Outcasts – 4 Dragyri were dead (all 3 spiderlings and the Vespa).  I had only one down due to the fence lol.  I told my daughter she would need to be more aggressive with what she had left if she was going to have a chance – my stuff (aside form Mongo) wasn’t that tough.  She needed to use her larger figures to really beat me down.

I think she took that to heart… because her first action was to turn my sniper to mist…. then prepare to take out my Unbound.  I moved Mongo forward to get ready to engage the Huntress and try to bring this battle to an end.  I moved my scut down from his perch to get a boomerang toss onto the Deaths device and scored a wound!  Lastly my Warchief took out his slug pistol an put another wound on the Deaths device.


The huntress moved forward – casting ensnaring webs on Mongo … then spiting toxic poison on him from range, then a stream of vomit?  Mongo was not feeling well – blind, with only a movement of 1” per action – and the toxic tokens had him at -2 AS and PW.  OUCH.  Mongo retreats 3 inches and shakes it off… but not before the huntress leaps in on turn 5 to hit him while he was out of it.  Taking several wounds on the big guy.


Turn 5… (I think) Mongo is on the ropes… my Unbound is splattered by the Deaths Device.  My Warchief is in a good position to shoot more…. as well as my Scut.  The Deaths Device is sitting on one wound left – and the Huntress has most of her wounds left.  Things are looking like they are in the balance.





IMG_2070Somehow I get initiative – and I know I need to kill that giant Huntress spider to lock down a victory.  I push Mongo ahead and in quick succession I have the huntress sitting on one wound remaining.  Things are looking good if I can get my warchief over to get some hits to finish it.  But the huntress fights back – spider webs – then a series of claws… takes down the big guy.


Turn 6 ends with the big Huntress spider going over the building … my Warchief looking to be double teamed by the Huntress and the Deaths Device.  With only a lone Scut to save the day?…  It wasn’t to be – the game ends – the Shadow Caste holding victory by over 100 points difference.   Mongo was expensive – and losing him cost me the game.


I was very proud of my daughter – she listened to the advise – and didn’t get down when I was clearly taking over the game.  She fought back and had great rolls down the stretch.  It was a very fun match.  I will be sure to get another game before she heads home in 3 weeks.



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