This Week in Hobby

I have had a busy week (including last weekend) of conversion work for this new OFCC army. 

I have been listening to a podcast that my friend Lance turned me onto called SplinterMind – which is a Dark Eldar / All kinds of Eldar podcast.  Last couple episodes were great listening to while I was narrowing down my Ynnari list.  I will add the link in my links area… wherever that is these days lol.  (yes – I’ve been unsatisfied with the look and feel of my blog lately – so I have been playing around with things on wordpress to see if I can find a better fit for me lol.).

Anyhow, listening to Splintermind I heard about one of the hosts using the Eldar Prism Cannon to convert the Wraithknight Sun-Cannon into something that looked cooler.  And that stuck with me for a few days… while I gnawed on the idea.  And after much thinking I decided I had the bits to make it work.  I think it would look worthy as the main gun for my Bright Stallion conversion.  Not much to do besides cut and add a few new magnets for the alternate cannon. First the original photo…

New and improved…

I think it turned out great – as well as I had been imagining for a few days after I heard about the conversion idea… its another inch or so longer than the original weapon – and the crystal bits really help it pop.

I finished building and getting base colors onto my old Dark Eldar Raider… This went together really quick and didn’t require much in the way of conversions.  I filled some of the gaps in the construction parts then premiered it red.

Pulling the pile of different parts out for my Yvraine conversion I took an afternoon to piece together the look I was hoping for.  I really didn’t want the flowing dress the normal build has – it just felt way to static for my tastes.  And I wanted something special – to really bring my army to another level.  

After several sessions of minor green-stuff filler areas – things started to look pretty good.  I really wanted her to look like she is striding over the battle field with an intense plan of attack.  The model needed to flow and show that kinda non stop motion.  I think I achieved the look I was envisioning. 

I found a space marine sergeant casualty figure (with cape and power-fist… and now I am contemplating how to have her striding over it lol. With her bare feet it will take more work – but the payoff could be worth it.

Next up was my Autarch Skyrunner counts-as conversion.  This starts out with a non-GW figure of Barron Sathonyx I picked up a couple years ago.  I wanted the base to work with the elder ruin bases that I have everything else on in this army – so I used one of my left over 3D printed heads for the wraith knight as a taller ruin to attach the skyboard to. 

I changed out the head for something that will fit the “Murder Clown” motif of my list.  Then I added some hair bits from other kits to give him a long flowing mane.  I am currently thinking I will paint him to match the harlequins closer than the base red I will be using for the Dark Eldar portion of my army.

That is where things stand as of today.  This weekend we are going to the mountains to camp up at the lake.  So my hopes of getting further ahead on this army will have to wait till next week.  


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