My Week in Hobby

Wow, a post and it has only been a week!  Thankfully, things have gone decently for me over the last week.  I am trying to wrap up clean up projects before house guests get here this weekend (staying for a month).  I may just get that stuff done by this weekend lol.  I have had good luck with the 3D printer over the last week – so with good numbers on this green resin I went ahead and made myself a few things to use for my army building.

I am 99.5% final on my OFCC list (2,000pt 40k team event).  I know all but maybe 1-2 figures that will be in the list – I am still toying around with the exact detachment configuration.  But it will be a Dark Eldar/ Craftworld Eldar/ Harlequin/ Ynnari mix.  Built into a re-imagining my old RT era Harlequin army builds.  I am really stoked to get this project underway.  The centerpiece of course will be a FINISHED Bright Stallion (hopefully lol).

More to the plan to finish the Bright Stallion I have been really disappointed by the Wraithknight heads for this project.  they are so blunted and small.  I turned to my 3d printer for a possible solution.  I pursued “Thingiverse” ( online for things I could used as a wraith knight / bright stallion head… and found a head that would suit nicely I think.

I set up the 3d printer software to print 4 different sizes so I could get one that looked right when it was on the model.  8 hours later – I had come good prints to test out.  I settled on the largest of the heads that I printed (after 2 batches of sizes) I had printed 7 heads with 5% size differences between the heads.

I had to clean up the head (removing the ends of the supports I used to make the print.  I then trimmed down the neck area a bit and added a magnet.  After test fitting I added a small collar around the neck to help things to be more stable (the head seemed a bit tippy).

I think it looks good – I premiered the head – and I will leave it set on the stallion on my bench for a few days before I decide I am done with that head.  Sometimes it takes me a week or two to be happy with how things look.

Also this week I premiered and painted the little Groot that I had printed a few weeks ago.  I premiered him dark grey and then base coated him a medium brown.  After a day of drying I then give him a couple washes of dark brown and then a black.  Another day after drying I did several rounds of dry brushing and some added texture paints.

I did the eyes in black – then added a couple washes of brown and purple.  I finished off the eyes with a grey wet blend at the bottom and some white reflective highlight dots in the upper area of each eye.  I added a bit of green over the dry texture painted areas for a bit of a mossy look.  To finish him off I gave him a good couple coat of a flat/matte clear coat.  Lastly, I bruised on some gloss varnish to each eye – and a bit to his open mouth.

In the last couple days I started work on my Harlequin Wraithlord – “Counts-As” Wraithseer.  This will be my warlord for my OFCC list.  I loved my wraith seer in play with my fraithwall list – and I knew I wanted to somehow get my old Harlequin Wraithlord back on the table somehow in this list.  The Wraithseer counts as was the perfect option.

I started put by pulling the old figure out of storage – he had fallen apart sometime on my last move.  I ended up putting him in a ziplock bag and boxing him with some other gaming stuff.  I found him and grabbed the big round resin base that matches the theme for my whole army.

Looking at the stats for the Wraithseer – I needed a spear or pole arm of some kind … so I found several spear options on Thingiverse (love that site) and printed one that seemed to fit my plans.  The green resin is perfect.  After cleaning the part up I decided that I needed to use that green resin for the spear tip … like it is made of some sort of Jade or stone.  I added a couple harlequin masks from my bits bin – and I am pretty happy with the look.  I will add some streamers or something later when its all painted.

I drilled some pin holes into the base and stared some minor assembly on the wraith lord.  I repositioned and re-glued the joints as I went.  Using some blu-stick to keep things in place while I worked through the pose.  The final pose will be adjusted slightly after I paint the base and redo the pins in the feet to be sure they are all strong enough.

I’m pretty happy with how this is looking – I can’t wait to get back to work and finish him up this next week.


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