My Last Week (or so) in Hobby

Well it has been a few weeks again and I have been too busy to blog.  But here you go, I lashed myself to my chair with my laptop at hand … to get something up.

bright_stallion baseLast week I got some time in the painting area to start work on painting my bright stallion base.  I was going for an old marble look for this – and I think I have something I can work with.  I picked up a full set of these ruin bases a few years ago… they do paint up nicely.  I will add some grass tufts and maybe some flowers to match my planned basing for my new YNNARI elder/DE/Harlequin army for OFCC this year.

Other than some minimal painting and continued cleaning in my hobby room I have been tinkering with my newly added hobby… 3D Printing – with my Anycubic S STL – Resin printer.  And much like anything I try … it isn’t without its learning curve.


Initial things sometimes don’t work out.  I have found that the online community for this hobby is very helpful and inclusive.  Lots of solutions, help and tips from the great folks on Reddit and within facebook forums.  I really appreciate the help when I am scratching my head over some of the crazy things I ran into.  Like this above… Baby Groots arms printed… but the rest – left as a mass stuck to the inside of the resin vat lol.


Or this one… started out fine… then a random hick-up of some sort in the data… and then back to normal lol.  this one was and the last one I think I traced down to a bad USB stick data transfer lol.  But sometimes things aren’t level with the bed and the plate.  Other times its the exposure times … and suction.

Anyhow,  I have to say I have started to understand how this new hobby of mine works – and I have begun to minimize errors and compensate in my planning to have fewer mis-printed items.

Here is a solid and decent printing of Baby Groot and a unicorn.  Both are solid resin and printed in 8-9 hours.  Testing still, and I have learned how to hollow out prints to save on resin.  But it all takes time to learn… as anything.  Trial and error has helped with iteration and fine tuning.

Here are some of the things I wanted to be able to do with this printer.  EPIC 40k armies.  Here are a pair of Necron Monoliths and a Pylon with a Land Raider and Rhino for scale. I think these turned out good.

necron print_comparison

I also printed some bastions for EPIC imperial forces as well.


I have worked on printing some more epic Necron stuff – in hopes to have a decent Necron force for EPIC this summer.

I have been looking for more things to print – simply a crap ton of stuff online to pick through.  I even joined a couple Patreon sites in hopes of more cool stuff to print.  Currently my focus is on epic stuff – but I am hoping to find some items for Star Wars Armada (found some asteroid bases) and some components to organize your ship cards.

I am still learning – I am sure I will think of my stuff I need to print lol.





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