What Is Happing … Blog fade?

I didn’t mean to fade out for the last 2 months… but somehow that is what I did.  It all starts with good intentions and trying to buckle down and get stuff done.  Soon I realize I am bogging down and just don’t making progress.  I did catch some crud and was sick for a couple days.  I then dealt with the multiple project malaise syndrome.  To many things I want to do… too many things I have started… with too many things not finished … leading to inaction.  Maybe there is a 4 step program for this?

Anyhow, the culmination of another death in my family and me just generally getting overwhelmed.  It took a few weeks for me to really just muster up and kick my butt out of the slump.  Then things got hectic at work and well – I lost sight of my blog somewhere in all that mental fog.  But a lot of stuff did happen over the last couple months.  Where to start?


After the paint pots (last post) I started headlong into a still ongoing hobby eBay sell-off spree.  And after a few weeks I had raised enough funds to seriously price and purchase a 3D printer.  I have been longing for the Prusa Mk3 i3… but the price for a hobby was still kinda steep for me.  And it just so happens that right when I had the funds for this purchase the new Anycubic Photon S (2nd gen) came out – and was on sale – So I bit the bullet on it.

I am still leaning as I go in this new hobby – but the resin printer SLA printer resolution is hard to ignore if your one that likes to build and paint minis.  I decided at half the price of the pursa I could get the photon… which had some of my original concerns about it addressed with the new release.  So I am now a new 3D printer owner and hobbyist.  I am very fresh in this so as of yet I don’t have much to show.  The future will hold pictures and projects including this 3D printer.

To get back into some hobby stuff (printing and modeling) I picked up this resin cast little model on eBay.  I have been having fun with putting him together and starting the painting process.  It was really nice to just sit and work on hobby stuff after such a long hiatus while working on the room.

While I was working on the bunny racer… I started painting / updating some DarkAge Dragyri minis I picked up on eBay as well.  Already put together and painted when I got them.  But I pulled them off their bases and started updating the paint… and base options.  As I already said – it was just nice to put paint on mini’s and start to work that part of my brain again.

Speaking of the room… it’s not done of course… lol.  But I have made progress on cleaning the main stall in the shop – so I can get the hobby room finished.  My current target is Memorial Day weekend here in the United States.  A 3 day holiday weekend will allow me to really push through my last bits of roadblocks.  I have been trying to clean up and fill my garbage bins will stuff I just keep trying to move out of my way.  Most of this stuff wasn’t mine… but I have to think about if I will need it someday.  So it goes slow as I decide that if I keep it – where do I put it.

I feel like there is plenty of room – to store things – but I need to get things done before I will really have access to all this storage lol.  Right now I keep playing garage tetris with moving stuff from here to there and back again.  I am hoping that this game will be won in the coming weeks.

On the horizon I have several more projects that I really need to get to work on.  The first is my Eldar army for OFCC coming up in August.  I jumped on a team and now I need to get the army done – deadlines are good for me lol.  More on this army when I decide what it will contain.

Second – soon my daughter will be here for the summer ( about 5 weeks from now).  I want to get some things done so I can spend more time with her.  She and I played Arena Rex last summer and I really need to get some of those guys painted for this summer.

Third,  A friend and his family is heading my way in about 4 weeks… they will be staying with us for a few weeks.  So I need to prepare for that visit… along with making room to play some war-games in the shop as well.

Lots to get done before these things happen.  I will try to keep the blog posted on things as they go along.


2 responses to “What Is Happing … Blog fade?”

  1. Sorry to hear about your troubles, hopefully everything is looking brighter now. Garage tetris may be a sign that further trimming of the collection is needed – that or a bigger garage!

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