Hobby Space & Paint Pot Irritations

I have been working on getting things put away in my newly remodeled hobby space.  While planning and thinking about my painting area I picked up these paint racks (eye dropper bottle style) for my paints immediately in front of where I would be painting.

These were from Krackenskulls.com I had seen something like them on one of the youtube blogs I follow.  So I set out with some google-fu to track something similar down.  They come with a real good set of instructions – with some helpful tips about keeping the holes lined up when you assemble them.



Of course I had to primer mine black to fit into the newish decor.  But other wise they go together really quick and easy.  I even painted the locking tabs primer red to match my room accent colors as well.


There you go… I picked up 3 racks, the first two are set up in front of my painting station.  I am thinking I will use the third set in my airbrush area … along with one of my paint pot stands.   Overall I think these racks are clean and nicely designed.  I am sure they will last me for a long time.


One more shot with the dropper bottles going in.  I think I have one row misaligned somehow – maybe I will fix it… maybe not lol.


The thing that spurred me on to going into the dropper bottle direction was my continuing irritation with the poorly designed GW paint pots.  With every iteration of their changes over the years… they have only gotten worse for keeping paint from drying out.


And before you jump in on me for bashing GW and not keeping up with the cleaning of my paint pot lids… or being a bad person and “painting from the bottle”… here is an example of the issue on a BRAND NEW POT (sure it wasn’t something I picked up in the store last week… maybe 3 months ago…  but I never opened it … until yesterday.)  And – its well on its way to chunky mud.  This is one of those newer GW pot designs.  I have been caught a couple times nearly buying the ones that were already dried out.  But this one got by my initial purchase inspection.

Sure, I could spend a bit of time each time I paint to clean my paint pots.  But frankly thats irritating that the flawed design of the paint pots require my constant attention to cleaning them.  No… I would rather be painting … sorry GW… your pots suck.  What is funny is that I had an old style GW pot that was very similar to the P3 paint pot.. and the paint within it was still wet and good – not dry.

The groove in the lid … for a seal is smaller than on the older pots… and it is harder to clean. And it seems like it is wider at the grooves base than it is at its opening.  So dried paint gets locked in… much like plaster walks into lath.  When they first started changing pot designs I was kinda hoping the seal would get better than in the past.  But really, it seems like they have only been getting worse.

Here are a couple more examples … Both of these paints are lightly used.  Both were stored in the same place… either in my paint rack when I had the old area set up.  Or in a storage box for the last few months.  Both of these paint pots are OLD (4+ years).  The P3 paint pot seals well.  And the paint is still nice and wed and ready to go… still has good flow as you can see from the picture below.

The GW Gold pot… older model pot and lid.  Is… dry… Bone dry… put your finger on the paint and is dry… (I did so before I took this photo)… dry.  I probably picked these up at similar times.  They have been kept in the same conditions – racks and storage.  This is normal for my GW paint pots.  With the most recent hobby space adjustments – I have simply tossed DOZENS of rocky dry GW paint pots.  I was simply more than irritated… I was spurred to action.

My solution – pretty much seen this solution around the other blogs I follow… I decided to go the dropper bottle route.  I have had a few army color dropper bottles in my collection of paint.  And I have never had any dry out on me.  So I decided I would just save what I could of my GW pots and move the good paint into dropper bottles.

Amazon was my supply source.  I picked up a set of six little metal funnels as well as 2 bags of dropper bottles (60+ bottle and lid sets).  I also picked up some airbrush flow improver to add a few drops to the thick but salvageable paint.

I also created new labels when I had to for the bottles.  But the GW labels peel really easily to re-label my new dropper bottles.  Over time I will slowly move all my pots over to dropper bottles.  I really can only justify buying special painting items from GW from now on.  Washes are perfect, as are some of the basing texture paints and the dry paints are already “dry” so maybe I am safe with them as well.

Anyhow, rant over.  I am open to suggestions on paint and paint care … comments of course are always welcome.


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