The Big Project – part 4: PROGRESS — 02.19.19

Finally, I feel like I have broken through the malaise… an I can see the light at the end of this project ahead.  Clearing the room from everything in my way as I had talked about last time was the difference.  I simply didn’t have to stop this weekend – I could push though each major stage over the weekend.  Thankfully it was a three day weekend holiday for me (US-Presidents day… not the current one… but the old founding presidents lol).

Saturday morning I hit the local Habitat for Humanity – RESTORE, and picked up some paint for the hobby room walls.  I found some grey semi-gloss paint.  The grey paint was called “Pewter” and it feels like a good medium warmish grey hue.  Which will look nice with the white shelves I will be installing.  As well as not be too dark or warm to shift my visual color range when I am painting.  (from reflected light bouncing off the walls).

I got the walls painted and got all of the old hight shelf out of my way.  By Sunday I set up my laser level and started preplanning my needs for the bench top.  After that, I used the level to find a straight line for the new upper shelves that will go along the wall over the bench.  These upper shelves will be 24” deep – to allow for clear tote boxes to sit on end.  I will have a ton new storage space with this shelf in place.

On Monday I made my way to a big box hardware store and picked up all of the rest of my needs for finishing the majority of the hobby room.  When I got home I spent the rest of my time putting in the shelving brackets and test fitting the shelves.  My hope is to be able to push through the shelving and benches each night after work this week.  By next weekend I should be ready to start putting things back into the hobby area in 3/4 of the room.  Allowing me to quickly clean out the remainder of the room for the work that needs to happen in that area.


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