The Big Project – part 3: Still a Mess — 02.11.19

Well I have been continuing to plug away at this project.  And I am growing annoyed with my lack of real hobby / painting time… so I have really been trying to find ways to speed things along.  To which after the last weekend I have started to formulate a new plan… more on that later.  First off here is a recap of what I have gotten done since the last update.

I started where I left off with the window replacement.  It is a good thing I am doing this -because dry rot had set into the bottom sill board on this old pane glass window.  It was a bit tough trying to get the old sealant out so I could remove the pane of glass without breaking it.  But with lots of elbow grease I got it done.

After getting the window glass out I then tore out the rotten sill and pulled out anything else that looked bad – and prepped the opening for the new window build up.  The new window was smaller than the old – so I needed to add some supports to get the new window to fit the right and centered.  After I added a bit of tar paper to the outside I filled in all the smaller gaps with spray foam to seal it up.

With the window installed I set about to cleaning the one end of the bench and room so I could begin to install the insulation at the ceiling.  At this point I got a coat of stain blocking primer on the walls in this area as well.  I have had this in my head that I would need to do chunks of work as I could make room and then move to the next area and repeat the process again.  As it stand I would need to do this in at least 3 stages to finish the room.

After getting the initial rows of insulation in I started putting in the repurposed ceiling panels.  These are from the wall I took out in the yurt… 4 sheets of thin plywood – stained dark brown.  I am not sure if I will repaint it later or not.  For now they just need to finish off the ceiling.  I will probably finish off the rest of the room with 1/4” OSB which is the best cost option I can find so far.

This is pretty much where I left off last night… and I was a bit frustrated by the lack of progress in a couple weeks time.  In a couple weeks (most of each weekend and an hour or so each weeknight).  It host feels like at this pace I will be taking a lot longer than I had wanted to get things back in a sort of working order.  Right now, I have more clutter than when I started.  Of course this is because I have tried to pack things into the main room of the shop or against one side of the room I am working on.

This plan simply isn’t working to my liking.  I really need to push on this project… but I find myself breaking headway to move a pile of stuff out of my way to continue.  Each time I do this I have to spin back up to focus and I just loose steam every other hour.  

After a long night of listening to rain / snow and wind while my brain kept working over this problem noodle I came to a “DUH” moment.  This parting out the project – and playing tetris with moving stuff around and out of my way has to stop.  I was hoping to have a “rolling – remodel” using the space while I worked on the space.  And this simply isn’t going to work.  I decided that I need to spend my hours after work this week simply moving everything out of my way at once.  The whole room save one short wall area needs to be cleared out.  I can’t work around the piles of stuff and expect to make meaning full progress.  If I can do this over this next week, I can then devote my weekend to finishing big chunks of the project.  

The big parts that need to get done after the full blown clearing of space are as follows.

1) Upper Storage Shelving.  This will provide me space for my storage totes – 24” deep – near the ceiling shelving.  This will give me ample room for terrain boxes, army boxes, future project boxes.

2) Paint.  The room currently has a flat white coat of old paint.  This existing paint attracts dust and dirt and doesn’t wash off.  I will be repainting the walls with a semi-gloss paint – in some neutral color that will not reflect to much tone.

3) Bench Top.  I am planning on raising the 32”-33” bench top to better working height.  I am aiming for 37”-38” bench top off the standing floor.  Also in doing this I will add a few inches of overhang.  The current bench is not only short but the top is flush to the sides of the bench.  So you have no room for your legs if you were to sit and work at the bench.  Lastly, the existing bench top is not level.  I will be leveling the bench top as I raise the top with new 3/4” MDF.

4) Painting Zone.  After the bench top is level and to the desired height I will be working on my painting and hobby area.  This will include a bench top / desk area as well as paint and hobby tool storage.  Also, I have my airbrush station to finally set up in this area.

5) Flooring.  This includes partially leveling the old concrete floor on one end.  Adding in cushion for walking and working.  I am looking at 3/4” recycled rubber stall mats (farm store) for most of the floor.  With a small portion of harder smooth flooring under my painting station area for my rolling chair.

6) Lighting.  I have been collecting LED shop lights just about every sale I see over the last year or so at Costco.  I will install some of these lights under my storage shelving  – as well as over my painting area.

7) The details.  Basically finish up – put things away and just wrapping this project up.

All of these tasks will require me to have a nearly clear area to work.  If I get the room cleared out – I could bang out 2-3 or more of these points in a weekend… doing that will get me back on schedule to getting the bulk of this project done before Spring.  I already have plans for the main room of the shop, but I will have to set those aside until I work out the Yurt kitchen area and possibly the Yurt covered porch.  All in all I really just want to sit and paint to do some other hobby project lol.  Getting my hobby room back into shape is my primary goal a the moment.  

In other news, I picked up the Android: Shadow of the Beanstalk RPG book from Fantasy Flight… looks great so far.  I am hoping to get my group into a session or 2 later this spring or early summer deepening on when my turn as GM rolls around.


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