The Big Project – part 2: Big Mess — 01.29.19

I started clearing room (not cleaning) to start my hobby area remodel last weekend.  It is like a big game of tetris… with half the board already filled lol.  I needed to tear a bench out in the main stall to allow me to move a newer bench from the hobby area (my old painting bench) out of the hobby area. 

All to gain much needed room to work and clear out stuff in my way as I work. 

It took a bit to decipher old wiring and to deal with the many (over use of) nails and screws in the old bench as well as a cluttered corner.  I am spending a lot of time simply deciding if things are being kept or tossed in the trash (mostly tossed).  This is an inherited space from my spouses step father.  So I most of the stuff I’m working through isn’t known to me.  I have my stuff here and there – but the bones of the areas are not mine. 

So when I run into this messy wiring and light switch situation — I spend some time redoing the location of the switch and redoing the connections.  In this case the interior switch is for an outside work light.  The switch as always been a problem to go in and turn on as it is in a tight location.  As well as being out of the way… and kinda hidden when looking for the switch to the light outside in the dark. 

I decided to move the switch outside near the work area that you would need the light source.  I picked up a weatherproof switch box and ran the wire for the switch and light to this new location. Luckily it was only about a 4 foot move from the interior wall to the new outside wall location.

The next thing I did was to continue to dismantle the old odd height benches … allowing me to access the long blocked doorway.  This was a huge goal for me as I wanted to have the ability to better control the air circulation within my hobby area.  With the two benches pulled out I was left with a better idea of my finished space (less the obvious clutter).

The next task was to tidy up an old wall heater access panel followed by continuing to clean up the area I was going to be next working on.  Which would be the replacing of the window with a new one which will open to allow fresh air in 🙂

Thats where I am on this … still working nightly and plan to spend a good chunk of the following weekend to replace the window.  After that I will start on rebuilding my main painting area in this same corner.  When those things are completed I will re-shuffle all the cutter to another wall and restart the bench and shelving process on that side.


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