This Past weeks in Hobby — 01.14.19

Here are a few things from the last couple weeks within my hobby sphere.
Arena Rex – This didn’t happen this week or last week. But I started teaching my daughter to play Arena Rex over the past holiday.  We had a fun time with this wonderful game.  I have yet to have time to paint the mini’s.  But she loved playing the game on my newly completed colosseum conversion table.
We broke things up into two factions with three combatants each.  I let her pick her warriors after I explained what the things on the cards meant and how they related to how the game is played.  We played a couple games – and she is looking forward to playing more when she is back for the summer.
The game has a few nuanced things within the rules – but no ranged weapons – just moving tactically and then roll the dice.  The combat trees are easy to understand as are the figures stats.  She got the hang of it pretty quickly.
I positioned my warriors near the open pit and allowed her to jockey for position – as she closed in on my guys.  Soon, we were in a fairly tight melee.  
I got my bigger guy into position and when she over committed I pushed my advantage – attacking and pushing her figure into the pit.  Unfortunately for me (I was playing fast and loose) – she took advantage of my big guy… with her big guy – whom likes to throw opponents.  She made the rolls and I failed to really defend myself – so with a quick toss I was sitting in the pit as well.
(gang up pic)
After that, we both danced for new positions… I got another of her guys down… then it was two on one.  I double teamed his big guy and the dice were in my favor… and took her group down.  
She had fun – and I have promised to get some more figures together and painted before she comes back in about 6 months.  I will have some other gaming options ready for her at that time as well.  She is interested in trying out Kill Team, which should be fun.
While in Seattle over the holiday we visited MPOP (It is part of the Experience Music Project building).  We saw the traveling Marvel exhibit which was awesome. From sketches to comics to props.  It was a great time.
Also in MPOP they have a permanent set of geek museums… Sci-Fi, Horror, and a Fantasy area.  Filled with props and goodness from each genre.  I have been here before – but it has been quite a few years. The fantasy area was new – and interesting.  
Of course this caught my eye in the Sci-Fi area… a “Kit Bashed” model / prop used in one of the Alien movies (I forget which movie in the series… possibly the first one). Anyhow, it was a wonderful study of the parts from all sorts of models used to build this little transport ship.  I am sure it wasn’t on screen too long.  I will have to go back and watch all of them to find it on screen lol. 
You can see so many different parts in this… the race car front popped out instantly, then the helicopter tail split on the back.  With all sorts of other little bits and bobs here and there.  Very cool – and right up my alley when it comes to modeling and gaming.
OK – back to work… (I’ve started working on the “big project” this week).

6 responses to “This Past weeks in Hobby — 01.14.19”

  1. Sweet, Arena Rex sounds pretty cool. We just took a trip to MPOP during the Summer. I geeked out over the Marvel Comics exhibit, especially the original art. How’d you manage to snap pics of the displays without picking up glare from the glass cases? That’s impressive!

    • Hmmm I used my iPhone to snap the pictures. I took advantage of the angles with the lighting and was very careful to look for avoiding the glare. I use the app “Manual” to control focus, exposure and depth of the shot.
      I’m sure I annoyed some people by taking so long for my shots lol.

      • I’ll check that out app, thanks! I saw the exhibit twice, the first time barely anyone there and I could take quite a few pics, the second time though, pretty packed and hard to take any pics at all. Yours turned out really nice though, worth taking your time!

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