This Past Year in Hobby / State of my Hobby Review part 2 – 12.10.18

This Past Year in Hobby / State of my Hobby Review part 2 – 12.10.18
I left off last post with a start of a rant.  But that rant partially simmered down over the last few days as I tried to re-kindle my thoughts on that.  I even re-read the post to try and get back into that groove lol.  Thus is the life of an aging gamer lol.  Sometimes things just don’t seem as difficult as they initially did after setting the thoughts aside and pondering the topic over a few days.
The “Golden Age of Geek-dom & Mini Gaming” has been great.  Really, it has, and I don’t want to diminish that point.  Games coming from every direction – touching on almost every geeky trope.  Minis… OMG – the minis are so awesome.  Kickstarter – that bastard… I mean – OMG so much good stuff.  I start to feel like that rat “Templeton” from Charlott’s Web when he’s at the state fair…  (I’m thinking about the animated version (1973) … yeah showing my age.
Anyhow, it is really a great time to be a gamer geek, and I don’t want to discount that in the least.  But, it is so much to try and keep up with, and to try and anticipate your local gamer groups possible interests if your trying to find opponents.  Sometimes you zig when the rest have zagged lol.  Then your left with money spent – and budget blown for the month (or more) – and no games playing.
I’ve tried to justify my purchases with multi use elements that they contain.  Like terrain or easily convertible minis for games which I do play.  Typically, if the terrain is “ruins” or will fit into my junk yard table theme – I’m in.  Also, cool as heck minis will get me to look deeper into a kick starter as well.  I have done more and a couple KS’s which were just mini’s that I really want to build and paint.
I have done better as of late, the last KS’s I did was selling a game – but also had options for a cheaper pick and choose fund level.  Which I did and then I can pick the couple minis and some terrain that I really liked.  Without having to dump more money on a game which I really didn’t want.  So far those KS campaigns have done better with getting me to bite.
OK – wait – I left that train of thought back there about ranting… didn’t I?  this is the problem I have explained – it gets harder to really stick to my flaming guns as I get older.  So, I am back full circle on this topic.  It’s great the time we live in – but moderation is probably needed.  And practicing patience with my hard earned gaming budget.  I know I will come out on the losing end of some of my selling off of stuff.  But maybe that sting will help me learn a lesson somewhere in that.  I really need to slow the F down when it comes to wanting the new “shiny”.
At the moment, I am probably keeping most of the boxed mini games that I picked up in the latest GW flood.  Necromunda and Kill Team both have their places.  Although, Necromunda may be the one I look to sell off possibly.  Just because it feels like both of those games can fill a similar niche.
Especially if you start to consider some of the non GW mini games out there like “This is not a test”.  Which can use practically any minis out in the market and have a similar gang war feel.  Also, “FrostGrave” which can get you a fantasy feel “gang” or even “SAGA” which is a great looking historical / fantasy skirmish game.  These cheaper options also take less space in my hobby area – typically just the books and maybe a few minis which are specific to each game.  But lots of cross over does exist – especially with terrain.
Ok, all of this really puts me in a pretty good frame of mind when considering the “State of my Hobby” at the end of 2018.  It was a good year all-in-all I cannot lie. Content went through the roof.  I got to play a few more games this year than last as well.  To build on that, looking to 2019, I think I will continue to play 40k as a staple easy to find game opponent games.  I will continue to cull and sell off some of the games I do not play at this time (looking squarely at Infinity I am sure). I will also likely trim down my Dark Age stuff – especially if I find that the game is officially dead.
Things I want to do more of looking into the next year ahead… top 5.
More games of the mini sort – maybe find a way to do more 40k.  I am looking at the schedule for OFCC 2019 – and I am thinking I can do it this year.  The calendar is clear right now.  I would do my wraith guard army for it most likely – with finishing my Bright Stallion as the primary focus.  The list could change some – but the Bright Stallion would be the main goal.
I want to play more EPIC … although I have not played any this year … I wan to find a way to make that happen in the next year.  I know several new games to my local area have stated the same want to play Epic. So maybe it can happen.
I would like to put together a working mechanicus force.  I have everything I need – I just need to assemble and paint it.  As a focus to that I want to get my Warhound built.
Arena Rex – I need to get the minis painted – at least enough for a variety for showing folks the game. (8-10 minis).
This should probably be number 1… but I forgot about this probably happening over the winter.  I need to remodel my hobby space.  Having that space redone – to meet my hobby needs – will allow me to do more with the time I have to do it in.  Airbrush station being the big piece of that.
The state of my hobby is looking good – with revised goals overall.  I am hoping to have a trim, and more focused, and more active hobby life by the end of next year.

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