This Past Year in Hobby / State of my Hobby Review part 1 – 12.10.18

It has been another busy year for me … and now Christmas is upon us … the year is drawing to a close.  About this time every year I try to take stock in my hobby life.  Things that are working, things that are not, things to change, etc.
Looking back over last years review – I have noticed a re    turning trend when I think about this year.  I did play more games than I did the year before.  That was helped by joining and playing in a 40k league – 8th ed. I had lots of fun with that league.  I met some new folks and I am really comfortable with the edition.
I was on track to play more 40k and other games, but then my job dried up (layoff and closing plant).  So I spend much of the spring scrambling for a new job (joined new company in May).  I did visit a Games Workshop / Warhammer store near the new workplace and I did join a new escalation league with my Harlequins there before I got to busy over the summer.
I am still playing in a every other week RPG group… which is a good break within my hobby time.  I GM typically, but we do have 3 rotating GM’s as games and time to dedicate to prep demands.  I am starting to shift off Star Wars (FFG) GMing gig to my friend whom is also a GM in the group.  So I can start working on doing something different with FFG’s Genesys System. I really want to put a game setting idea I messed with 30 years ago back into motion.  Genesys will allow me to finally do that – easily.
Here are the mini-games that currently occupy my hobby zone…
As I look back I still have not played any Infinity this past year.  So in my mind that game simply doesn’t have a place in my hobby space.  I love the figures, I like the idea of the game, and the crunch difference when compared to Dark-Age.  But I simply can’t get time to play.  The local game club is now a cross town drive at rush hour to get to after work.  I have not been to the club more than a couple times since I started the new job.  Traffic just wears me out.  The club plays on sunday afternoons – but afternoons over the summer or anytime with good weather isn’t something I will drive into town to war-game for.  Sadly, I feel I will be more than likely selling off everything for this game that I own.  Save maybe the fully painted Ariadna force I have.  I may sell off all of it… just to help fund my next 3D printer plans.
I have heard rumors of Dark-Age possibly being on its death bed.  I am not sure those rumors are true – as the game has been struggling for a very long time.  I have 2 fully painted factions and several unpainted ones.  The game is easy to teach… so I may whittle down my collection of factions and sell off some of the unpainted armies for the game.  But otherwise hold on to 3-4 (or 5) factions to show and play with.  As with all my collections it really comes down to playing time vs how much do I really need to paint lol.  Again, though, I will look at what I have and pair things back some to help fund my future 3D printer from Dark-Age as well.
Arena Rex
I really love the look of this game.  This is another easy to teach game – and it is pretty straight forward – your gladiators must beat your opponents gladiators.  It is very easy to explain what you can do with the factions and cards as well.  I have collected almost all of these figures.  I plan to paint up at least a couple factions to go with my newly completed arena.  Currently, this is the game I want to try and play more of.  I really think it will be accessible to non-wargamers as well (my wife showed interest).
Well this is all over the place.  But I played this year and this edition.  I am still attached to my Eldar collection and playing the various factions within the Eldar sphere.  I got a taste of my Harlequins in the small starting league games and like them as well.
I had started building and planning to paint more harlequins.  But then I realized that I have so many harlequins from the different GW eras that it made no sense to build more troupes to paint.  I really only need to build the transports and new stuff for the Harlequins. I may rebase some troupes -but I am now re-evaluating my needs for the building of more troupe units.  Silly of me to spend a few weeks working on Harlequins and not just building the transports or bikes.
The rest of the 40k army stuff – I still have Knights and Mechanicus that I have yet to play or build.  I have assembled knights from a trade (3) and also have a couple unassembled from a box set a couple years ago.  AND – I picked up the knight and mechanicus half of the Forgebane earlier this year.  I still want to do a knights army as well as a mechanicus army or a blended army.  I am not sure – and I will not be sure until I really sit down and play with the army.  I think I may sell off some of the knights – (un assembled will have better value I think) and then try to build a mechanicus army with the knights included.  I also had picked up a Warhound (resin) kit last year – which is really begging to be built and painted.
Old 40k oddball stuff – I will sell off the marines and chaos from the last starter box sets I have picked up over the years (2 editions).  For the most part it is more unpainted / unassembled stuff.  I may as well clear out what I won’t really get to.  Besides, the Mechanics / Knights will allow me to have a different flavor of army when compared to my Eldar.  It is nice to have a couple armies just in case I can teach someone new to play.
Other stuff…
I have had several kick starters come in over the past year or so.  Some are box games – which I really want to try out.  I have only gotten to play a couple games of BloodRage – it was fun.  But I have yet to teach it to anyone else to get some more games in of it.  I will have to do an inventory of what I have – and I may sell off some of these box games toward funding the 3D printer.
The quest in all this… is to condense my spread of hobby “things” into doing more with less.  I want to play MORE – I want to build LESS.  I want to paint and complete bigger projects MORE – and want to spend LESS time trying to decide which game thing to do.  I know I need less options to really focus on the things I want to do.  Getting things out of my hobby-sphere will help me to stop jumping from thing to thing lol.  I know myself enough to know I can focus on things better when I narrow my vision to fewer options.  My creative time is limited – between family, wife, job / career – the rest of the stuff that gets in the way of doing my hobby stuff.
I guess that leads me into another long talking point. The pure proliferation of hobby stuff out there these days demanding my attention as a geek-gamer.  Wow – it is just mind blowing.  What with the amount of stuff GW has done this year – couple that with all the Kickstarter candy… I mean it is like a golden age of gaming hobby.  It can’t last I know… and lots of these products will just fail to exist in a year.  We gamers can’t play everything – and finding a local scene which plays everything that I want to play is really  hard.  I can’t condone purchasing everything in hopes of finding players to play with locally.  The pure volume of stuff is getting to be irritating frankly.
I have picked up Necromunda… but then Kill Team arrives and everyone jumps to that in the local meta.  I had already picked up various sourcebooks for Necromunda and yet – we are now neck deep in Kill Team stuff.  I have picked up the Kill Team box set (mostly for the terrain)- but thats it – I have not gotten anything more.  And in fact I have not gone back to my local GW store since picking up the Kill Team starter.  I needed a break from the frantic pace of stuff being dumped onto the hobby market.  I turned my attention to working on the yurt.  And planning for redoing my hobby space.  After the re-model of my hobby areas – I plan to re-imagine my hobby life as well.
•End Part 1

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