Progress on the Yurt — 12.10.18

It’s been a bit since I had a real project update on the yurt focus.

I’m still on track to get the majority of the work done by the end of the year. But it may push till the end of January depending on how the kitchen works out.

Anyhow, everything is coming together nicely, and the wife is happy. Here are some new photos I took last night … I should have taken some in the daylight lol.

Here is the kitchenette space, table and fridge in place. The plan is to build out the counter space later this month.

The minisplit is installed above the loft area. The barn door is installed to the bathroom. And the big IKEA closet is built and full of clothes next to the bed.

On the other side of the bed stands a bookshelf. Then around to the wood stove. The entertainment space is also ready to go. Above is a ceiling light we picked up at IKEA to light up the area around the couch.

in the bathroom…

Both the tub & shower are fully functioning. We also added a tall cabinet in the corner to collect all the random bathroom stuff.

That’s the progress thus far. On my list is the kitchenette of course, counters and sink install. I’m also needing to build a headboard for the bed that will match the curvature of the yurt. To provide more storage options.

We’ve move in as of last weekend. And are just starting our second full week back into the yurt. It has been s great help to be in the yurt and slowly looking and planning things that need to be done.


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