Black Friday APOC! — 11.26.18

Well folks, I did get some 40k / Apoc action in over the weekend (Black Friday in the US – day after US Thanksgiving).  And it was great fun.  A guy I met over last springs 40k league and I set this battle up at a local game/hobby store here in the Portland, Oregon metro area (Vancouver, Washington – Fate and Fury Games specifically).  We had roughly 20,000 points on the table – probably more like 26k-30k really when it all got worked out.
We decided on a conglomeration of several mission parts from a couple of the Apoc Warzone books from previous 40k editions.  We combined some of the “Rescue the Revenge” elements from the Pandorax book with some of the “The FireHeart Awakens” mission from the Valedor books.  Namely the Gothic Ship, Asteroids and chaos planet …along with Eldar trying to “awaken” a Phantom titan artifact.
I spent the last couple weeks working on building the asteroids for the space table.  I already had intentions of having the asteroids easy to re-skin for floating land masses on a future lava table.  I started out with various spare pieces of insulation foam.  The pink and purple stuff you can get at a hardware store.
I then used my razor knife and hacked it to shape.  I then plucked out chunks with my fingers and thumb to create “crater like bubble” formations here and there for interest.  It was pretty simple and random as I went through.  I then created smaller bits in a similar fashion to glue onto the larger parts.  I used a construction adhesive which would work with the foam to do this without melting the foam lol.
With the asteroids built – I took a ball of aluminum foil to roll out a random texture across the flat surfaces of the foam.  This gave a nice random and natural look to the big flat expanses.
After the build I then used a flat black craft paint to give all the future asteroids a good black coat of paint.  After this dried I used a rust red spray primer to give them a nice rusty / dirty look.  I kept the spraying random… not covering the black totally.
After the rusty color was dry I then did two rounds of dry brushing.  The first dry brushing was dark grey I mixed with a bit of cream and the black paint.  I used this to hit all the raised areas and edges of the foam asteroids.  I also picked out areas in the larger flat parts of the foam for interest and to break things up a bit.  I then  followed with a light silver dry brushing – hitting much of the exposed sharp and raised edges – this really made these foam rocks turn into large metallic asteroids on the table.
The Space table with asteroids looked great with the armies prepared for battle.  And those asteroids were very simple to make.  To convert them for lava I’ll just add some “Glow-ing red/orange and yellow dry brushing on the bottom edges.
All of this prep was for a Black Friday Apocalypse game mentioned above.  Eight or so players… 3 tables – and lots of minis.  This was the first apoc game in some time that I actually felt like my Phantom titan was in danger.  There were plenty of big monstrous targets.
I set up on the planetoid table… which could be reached from the asteroid table – if units jumped and “dropped” / Deep-striked off the edge of the table nearest the planetoid.  On the far side of the larger table was the wreaked “Revenge” a Gothic ship which was being attacked by an ork horde.
On the planetoid my Eldar were trying to awaken the Phantom – to revive the titan to lay waste to the Chaos forces which have assaulted this old despoiled maiden world.  The chaos forces had some other plans – which I didn’t fully follow.  I was the only Eldar force in the battle – I had 5,000 points – and I was against everyone basically.  I did act with the imperial sides turn though. And I could choose whom to readily shoot or attack.
The Eldar were under the gun from the get-go.  I was on a table with 2 war hounds and various demon lords and a knight or two.  It was a mess.  My Phantom was sleeping – I needed it awake… and it was going to be a tall order to get that to happen.  The “sleeping titan” was a plan to help balance the game.  Typically I don’t have many other titans to shoot at… and we knew that we would have a few war hounds – but I didn’t think they would both end up on the same table as me – at the start.  This was a miscalculation on our part – but it was still a fun game.
I tried to revive the titan on turn one.. but failed my rolls with my seers.  By the time I got a chance on turn 2 – the chaos forces were close enough to deny me my powers – and did so.  After that I couldn’t get close enough to awaken the titan.  So as game organizers we decided that the Phantom would awaken on it’s own at the start of turn 3.  By that point the war hounds were running wild… having tag teamed my Revenant titan and most of my forces.
I got the Phantom moving – and did lots of damage to a deamon prince and a knight – but then one of the war hounds had an insane set of rolls to “pop” my barely moving Phantom with 63pts of damage.  I only had an 6+ invul save at that point – and the macro weapons reaped havoc.  My Phantom was downed in one round of shooting.  It was really all on the miscalculation of where the warhounds would be – and keeping the thing asleep until that point in the game.  All agreed that next time all titans will be ready to go the first round – and we would look at other things to balance games beforehand.
The Orks smashed into the wrecked Gothic ship… with 3 stompas and more… but the imperial forces held them off for most of the game – but eventually had to move onto the asteroids and away from the mess.
In the center of the asteroids was a “towering” plague tower… it was glorious… but it kept the imperial forces busy for most of the game before it exploded.  In an early retreat from the explosion – most of the chaos and imperial forces took to dropping onto the planetoid – too little too late to help my Eldar with other things to shoot at.
All -in all it was a fun 7 hour game of Apoc.  As to be expected – it was confusing and just a big mess of destruction.  Most agreed that we should play again in a few months.  I am already planning the lava table lol.


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  1. I wasn’t paying much attention to the objectives, kill points or mission, was just trying to keep the tower alive as long as possible. The mission was actually rather intricate for an apoc game. Essentially the middle table was actually a no gravity asteroid field, so you had to asteroid hop to get across the board, only flyers could be in the spaces in between. So if you can imagine about 4500 ish points of Chaos against about 7500 points imperium playing hopscotch through an asteroid field in a bunch of terrestial vehicles with the end goal being to drop onto a moon sized space artifact that has warp portal technology to trigger a warp ritual that spawns chaos demon princes that is being guarded by an eldar army while orks and imperium are fighting to capture a spatially near space hulk and awaken it’s capital weapon firing, loading, and tracking controls then that is almost exactly what we didn’t do. Because what we DID do was turn the entire battle into a fearpit of complete destruction. Turn 5 I had 16 models left and evidently chaos still won. And Abaddon STILL didn’t kill Robo Golo, mainly because we were playing cat and mouse across 4 feet of table (both of us lived through turn 5)

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