My Hobby Life … What’s Next – 11.09.18

Aside from all the yurt work, I have still been thinking a lot about my hobby life.  Things are kinda easier for me to think about when I am outside my normality. Working with my hands, fiddling with tools so fix or complete some known task before me… I can reach a non-stop interior monolog – zen state.  I start thinking about what projects I want to do, what projects on the back burner which may not be something I have any interest in anymore, or other grander schemes.
Initially, my great scheme was to finish the Yurt so I could:
A) I could stop thinking about the yurts needs.
B) I could make the wife happy.
C) I could start thinking about new plans
D) I could get a break from “it all” in a hobby & project sense by doing one thing to completion.
E) All the above and more.
Exactly, E is the best answer I can come up with.  But, with the yurt done, life can move forward and I can take a nice look at a job well done and complete. Making the wife happy is always a good thing.  And putting her wants and needs first for a few months will go a long way to my serenity in the future.  And I will have a good deal of good will in the bank for my own future hobby dreams.  This leads me of course to NEW PLANS.
New shiny plans and projects.  Well the big roadblock to my big plan of remodeling my hobby area in the shop has been “the yurt isn’t done”.  Getting the yurt done will allow me to work on a massive dream project of totally building my Hobby / Project Cave.  I will use a lot of the materials salvaged from the yurt finishing (paneling, lumber) to do this.  I want a fully insulated shop – with benches brought up to a good working height as well as better lighting.  I also want an area where I can finally set up my airbrush and painting station.  The painting area will help me sit comfortably with easy access to my paints and tools.
Close by I want my laptop (old powerbook running MINT Linux)… attached to an old LCD TV for catching up on v-blogs and youtube while I paint or build.  My big expenditure will be for a good tall chair – comfort. And I also plan to sell off some hobby stuff for bankrolling a new 3D printer.  Sure, this is a grand scheme – I am hoping to have it done before the end of spring.  And if the yurt project has shown me anything… it is that I can focus on something and get it done in a relatively short time span.
One thing I have not seen a lot of is a hobby area build or remodel.  I have searched all over blogs for good ideas for my planning of my grand hobby area remodel.  But I come up with scant few images, and even less top to bottom re-imagining.  I plan to blog my plans, builds and everything I do for this hobby area remodel.
The room we are talking is (currently) 22’ long x 9’3” wide.  There are several elements that I plan on keeping in the room.  But for the most part the room will be gutted to the studs – so I can add in isolation and re-address some electrical issues.  The room will also get a new window (I picked one up at a garage sale for cheap).  I plan to go through all of it as I go starting with planning, researching builds and room layout.
Currently, here are some shots of the very cluttered space.
The current benches are around 32” high on one side of the room and a bit more on the other side.  The floor is also concrete and uneven.  I plan to adjust the hight of the floor to be level with 2×2 or 2×4 on edge and backfill the voids with foam insulation as possible and overlay that with plywood.  On top of that I will add cushioned rubber padding.  The benches will be build to 36”~38” high for good standing worktable height. For my painting area I will have a raised seat with foot rest.
The other big issue with my current painting area is the lack of ability to sit UNDER the top.  The benches all have tops which are flush with the sides – making it hard to sit for to long while I paint or fiddle with conversions.  I plan to have the main build and paint area all on one end of the room – with overhanging worktop and places for my feet.
Lighting is currently a mix of LED tubes and Florescent tube.  I plan to cut out all the florescent lights in favor of general LED tubes down the middle of the room.  Then I will build in task lighting over the benches and have room for my swing arm painting lamps over the paint station.
I’ve spent that last couple years gathering things for this project.  I have a stack of LED lighting boxes, Airbrush booth and compressor as well as my painting racks and lamps.  I also have all the extra lumber I have acquired over the last few years of builds outside. Also, everything I tear out I plan to keep what I can reuse when the room is complete.  I will need to buy some foam insulation for the walls and ceiling as well as the floor.
All of this planning is based on what I know currently about the room and what is in it.  Some of this will change as I dig into the project.  I am not sure what I will run into on the walls and electrical situations.  I also am not sure what I will run into when I pull everything off the ceiling.  So this is the next plan starting to take shape.
Please keep in mind that I am not a professional contractor, electrician or carpenter.  I learn as I go on stuff I have not had experience with.  Much like building a yurt.  I didn’t know what I didn’t know.  I learned plumbing, electrical and carpentry basics on that project to add to the knowledge I picked up growing up. What I do know is that this looks complicated at the get go.  But a good plan will get me farther with less headache than no plan.  And, my father taught me that I can do anything within reason with the right mindset. I know how to learn, and I can conceptualize pretty well.  As a Graphic Artist / Prepress tech by trade for over 30 years, I have always had to keep learning to keep working.
Remember, measure twice (or more), before you cut once.  And do your research, ponder and rethink as much as you can before you start or spend money on a project.

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