November Already? — 11.06.18

Well it has been weeks – and now its a new month since I last posted on what I am up to.  As I stated last time – I have been running headlong into getting the projects needed to complete the Yurt completed (for the most part) by the end of the year.  The only thing I do not plan on getting done on the yurt would be a roof for the porch.  That will probably come sometime next spring.
For the most part my free time has been spent in yurt related doings.  Moving on from the last blog post I have since completed all but the outer door on the bathroom.  That includes the new cabinets and any other things I may not have addressed last time.
We purchased a closet set up from IKEA, and that is now all assembled and placed as it should be in working order.  I also assembled a nice book / game shelf and assembled that as well.  Both are nice looking units and will serve our needs perfectly within our yurt-space.
I began to pull apart the wall that needs to come out this week.  And that work will be finished by the end of the weekend.  We had also picked up some bed frame parts from our trip to IKEA – my wife assembled that. But I need to build a solution to merge the bed-springs from IKEA to the drawer set up we got second hand. That will be key to getting done before we move back into the space.  I have a general idea of how this will work – but thats all in my head currently lol.
We managed to order our HVAC mini-split unit last week, and with luck that will be here next week for me to do the basic install on it.  We will have to have an HVAC person come out to vacuum the lines and OK my work after the install.  With that unit installed before Thanksgiving (US) we should be able to move back into the yurt by the end of November.  So far that is whats on tap as far as the Yurt goes.  After the mini-split unit is in – I will start planning and building out the kitchenette area.
On the gaming / hobby front – all is kinda quietly waiting for me to direct attention back to the fun stuff.  I did start organizing a “Black Friday Apoc” game for the Friday after Thanksgiving (US).  The game will take place in a hobby store to my north in Vancouver Washington.  We are basing the game on a couple apoc games from the last edition war zone books… three tables, asteroid fields and an Eldar Phantom Titan that needs woken up to join the battle … lol.
We are keeping the story vague for now until we are done gathering factions to play.  Hoping for 10-20k per side.  I will play my Eldar – with my Armourcast Phantom included.  Balancing that will be a gothic battle cruiser stuck in orbit with the asteroids.  I will put up a battle report sometime after the game is finished. For that game I need to paint and construct asteroids and an Eldar sanctuary.

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