Summer Hobby — 8.20.18

The summer is beginning to fade – or at least I can see the end of summer on the horizon.

Projects continue… and I have a new one. When I first started Arena Rex I saw these Roman coliseum conversations made from the Playmobil toy set.

I looked around and at the time the toy was out of production. And the prices on eBay were a bit crazy. So I sidelined that project – in hopes of just scratch building something.

Well last month the manufacturer pulled the toy back into production. And the prices on eBay for the most part plummeted. I picked up this one – used and missing some (not needed parts for the build). Along with some damage for less than $30.00 (us).

Here you can see the scale for Arena Rex (~28mm) figures.

I’ve already picked up a few 3d pits and some columns here and there. This is perfect for Arena Rex … roughly 28″ dia.

I started out by cleaning up each part and priming them black. This would give me a good base to build on. As well as adding more paint. Anything I may miss will be black shadows hopefully.

I followed the black up with a medium tan / gray color. And then with directed darker tans into the shadow areas.

After that I hit the entire thing with my lighter flat tan color.

My under costs helped my shadows work better without having to spend too much time on them later.

I ended up washing several areas to add more interest and variety to the shadows and details. After that I gave the whole thing some basic light dry brushing.

I redid the paint on the gates – and added some rust and shadows. And I like how the finished coliseum has a impressionistic look – nice looking but hopefully not distracting from the minis whom will battle inside.

My next task with this project will be to build the base. Which will need to be able to come apart from the coliseum as well as have the depth for realistic pits and magnetic areas for keeping the columns and other future details in place.

I also got my second round league game of 40k in last week. Against the same (but growing) IG army as in the first round matches.

This round I added a transport (star weaver) and split my squad of troupers. He added a Leman Russ tank.

Again we played on a 4×4 table, and the mission was more of a capture territory and control areas.

I hunkered down with all my units in and behind some ruins. I choose not to protect my home objective. Which was only worth one VP to me. And focused on gaining my opponents objective which were worth 4vp for my army. The two remaining objectives were in no mans land and were worth 2vps each.

My opponent grouped up around his home objective. I knew I had the speed advantage. So I didn’t worry too much about my opponent taking my objective.

I swung my army around (clockwise) … keeping the big terrain between my forces and his big guns.

After two rounds of positioning I poked my Shadowseer through some cover and tried to destroy his tank. Coupled with Harlequin troupers fusion pistols – I hoped to get rid of this main threat.

But the dice were not in on the plan. I managed just one fusion hit – and a “smite” from the Shadowseer only managed to take the tank down to half wounds.

With my units hanging in the open… my opponent prepared to deliver a crushing blow. Nearly point blank into my Shadowseer and my flimsy starweaver.

Yet – at the end of the turn – my opponent had the same ill luck with the dice. My starweaver withstood the volley of guns – as well as my Shadowseer. My transport was down to a couple wounds- and my Shadowseer clinging o life with one wound left.

I swung my starweaver around after dropping off the troupe of Harlequins to deal with the tank. The starweaver would use its shuriken cannons to eliminate the guard back defense.

I also pulled my Shadowseer back into cover. My other squad of harlequin troupes backer onto the 2vp objective on the opposite side of the table. And I proceeded to see where the dice would roll.

And what a change … fusion pistols all hit at short range – exploding the tank. – which unfortunately took out a harlequin as I remember it.

But combined with my shuriken cannons – the rest of the guard were all dead. Leaving only the commander.

After another round of hand to hand – the commander was slain and the harlequins took the victory.

It was a messy battle for the guard. And after talking the game through we think the IG need to seek other opponents for now. The clowns are just not a good match up for the Imperial Guard at these points levels.

– next round I’m hoping to get a unit of skyweavers together.


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