Summertime Hobby — pt2 – 7.24.18

It’s been a hot time so far here in the great PNW. My hobby time is still under some tight schedules as well. But I have done a few things over the past couple weeks.

Firstly, I received my kickstarter for the never ending wet palette. I’ve not had a chance to use it yet. But that may come soon.

I’m impressed with the build quality- as well as the extras that came with it. I can’t wait to try it out.

I also got some board game fun in with my kids. Sitting in the cool air conditioned house to avoid the heat outside.

We played a few rounds of Dragon & Flagon. It’s a fun little “bar brawl” game – better with more than 3 players I think.

I did get a chance to adjust the Bright Stallion. It’s been bugging me for a few months. The way the front feet were kinda flat.

So I spent a Sunday morning in the hobby room snapping the glue carefully… then doing some cutting and filling to get a new possible position for the front feet.

After a few hours I settled on this look … I like it better than it was. But I’m taking my time to let the look settle in before I’m satisfied.

Next, I used my new project trays and brought in my Harlequins to the cool house dining room table.

I joined a 40k escalation league at a shop near where I am now working. (Warhammer Hillsboro). I’ve finally found a good reason to get the Harlequins back on my list to do.

As an escalation league I only need a Troop unit and an HQ to start. So here I’ve started a 10 strong troupe and also a shadowseer.

For the Shadowseer I’m using a few different kits. For the base I’m using the main parts of the plastic Eldrad base. I then just added a few bits of the shadowseer base.

I’m going for a grassy / flowered ruins basing idea for the Harlequin army this time around. The troupe bases are all resin ruin bases I picked up a year or so ago on eBay.

To finish off the Shadowseer I used the arm and staff from a elf mystic from the newer Hero Quest sets. I then just put on a playful mask from the Harlequin transport kit.

Lastly, I introduced my daughter to Dark-Age. We played a simple objective battle. Using only basic rules so she could get the hang of the game.

She really likes the minis and all the terrain. After I get Kill Team (Preordered) I’ll show her that next.

Anyhow, the game was fun. She had fun learning about dad’s dolls lol. Her die rolling needs work though lol.

I only have two fully painted factions – so she settled on the Brood. I played the Outcasts and did my best to hold back – and give her the advantages as they happened.

She charged the Howler forward to attack Mongo… but I made many saves. Mongo dispatched the Howler in short order. But he was left weak – and the Gazelle finished him off.

The end of the match was messy and bloody. I ended up with the objective at the end… and got a narrow victory… I didn’t mean to. But my daughters die rolling was really bad lol.

It has been a fun few weeks. I’m really looking forward to the 40k league starting in a week. So expect more Harlequin stuff soon. The league will last until September.


One response to “Summertime Hobby — pt2 – 7.24.18”

  1. Sounds like some good times man, solid use of summer. Totally interested in the wet palette, if you get time, it’d be solid to see your review and gear your opinion about it.

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