Summer Time – Hobby — 07.10.18

Well I’m now in the middle of summer time activities. I’ve got friends in town from out of state. They have been hanging out and visiting their local families. Then spending weekends and some evenings relaxing with me and my family.

I’ve also got my daughter here for her summer visitation with me. Which makes most summers special and a busy time. All of this really pushes aside my typical hobby time.

I had picked up this metal model kit for my daughter last Christmas… and she brought it for visitation so I’d help her build it.

It’s a Japanese kit … with really good pictographs… and numbered directions. Which would probably be easier if we could read what the instructions say lol.

I have to say – the kit is well organized and the instructions were really straight forward.

It took some dry-fitting here and there to be sure we had things right.

After about an hour and a half – we were almost there. They give you a couple little tools – which make it easier to bend and tweak things as you go.

It’s really a cool kit to do. It had my wife hunting on the Internet for similar kits to get. She wants one for her office desk. Frankly so do I.

My local club had a garage sale if sorts … I picked up Star Wars Armada at s very good price for an unopened box set.

After a few hours my visiting friend and I were ready to try and play a game. I had tried X-Wing and it wasn’t really my type of game. But Armada looks like it will be fun.

After about 4 rounds of me controlling the Rebels and him the Empire he called it quits.

It was fun – but he made some early assumptions which put him in a loosing position- without possibility of turning things around.

We watched a couple more demo games on YouTube and set about playing again later that weekend.

This game was much better balanced… and we both made to capitalize on our new knowledge of the game.

In the end I was out of big ships to really mount much of a fight. My friend did a great job of luring me into some bad positioning – which hamstrung my attack early. The game ended at turn 5.

We plan to play another game before he leaves later this week. This time using upgrade cards and advanced rules. Maybe even missions.

The game seems fun so far. There is also a local game store with an Armada community of players. Which would be nice to play at sometime.


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