40k League Final – 6.30.18

This past Saturday the game club held its final pizza party league raffle final gathering.

We would do army paint judging and raffle off prizes. Also we ad drinks, ate pizza and talked about our shared hobby.

Here are some shots of the other forces brought to the gathering … I didn’t include shots of my Eldar (I figured I always do that in other posts lol).

Some of these were works in progress… but genuinely great work. This last knight really pushes me to get moving on my own knights army.

All in all I had lots of fun playing in this league. It was a bit long – and things sort of sputtered out (as they do). But, I had great games and played some new friends. I look forward to more games in the future.

The results?

I won the first prize on the raffle- which was awesome – and s 50$ gift cert to out local awesome game store (Guardian Games in Portland, OR). I also took the painting choice too choice – by default – there were only a couple painted armies that were there for the event.

I thank all my opponents and the league organizers. I look forward to the next 40k League.


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