40k Battle Report / List Test

It was a disaster for my Eldar wraithguard list. Bad die rolls – poor tactics from myself. In what was a test battle for my friends Necron list.

It was a pretty mean list. It will probably need to be lighter slightly before it is ready for OFCC. I’m not going to OFCC this year do to family schedule conflicts.

Anyhow, back to the battle. Really, there isn’t much to say. I was nearly tabled by the end of the 4th round.

I did get to try out my new webway gate to deliver my wraith-knight. So that’s a thing lol.

This was my first game night back at the club since getting the new job. And the commute was horrible. It took me an hour to get into town – traffic. My later work schedule puts me at the heart of the jam.

I was tired … and got to the club late. And then the dice were way below average lol.

My initial plan was just as it was for any of my other games. But being a “Test Game” for his list – we decided on kill points. And without objectives to get I was forced to try and close distances and shoot him up.

Unfortunately, my wraithguard list just isn’t made to do that very well. I kinda work on my opponents needing to come to me as well.

My wraith knight and wraithseer went in piecemeal and that kinda hurt. Then ⅔ or more of the necron I did manage to kill got back up.

By the end of round 3 I had heavy losses – and the Necron Wall was down only a handful of models due to Re-animations lol.

The test proved that he needed to test his list with objectives in really normal game conditions. Being tired going in – I was sorta not really thinking about things right.

We vowed to have a rematch soon – as I forfeited the game.

On my way home I decided that I really need to find a better game night option. I am still tired today (the next day) after the extra hours in the car and standing and gaming.

I’ll look into closer to home shops game nights or weekends. But if it’s weekend play – I’ll probably not do much gaming over the summer nice weather time.

Lots to chew on –


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