Hobby Life – 06.25.18

It’s been another few weeks since my last post. I’ve finished the raised garden bed work for now. We have leaf lettuce up 2″ at last look this weekend. That project is firmly in my wife’s capable hands. And I’ve moved on to other pressing projects.

A month or so ago I moved the hot water heater in the yurt. I needed to provide more room in the bathroom for the claw foot tub and I could easily get this hot water heater under the future counter space in the kitchenette area.

I’m switching to PEX on the new/redo on plumbing. The flexibility of the pipe will be a great advantage when rerunning the water lines of the yurt. I’ve got all the materials gathered- and the basic layout of the new filter area worked out. I’m hoping to get the pipes cut and put in by this weekend.

On the Hobby front … on a weekend trip to IKEA… I found these trays.

I have been looking for trays to use as project trays. Something I could work on projects and then store half done projects. As the need arises.

This “tray” is actually a shoe storage tray … for use in closets or something. But they work out perfectly for my needs. Now I can easily clear areas of my hobby clutter. At only 4-5$ each (American). I picked up 4 of them. I’m hoping that was enough lol.

In The future I’m planning to build some shelves to put these trays on. To help me better have a handle on my hobby project clutter.

I’m nearly done with my webway gate. I just need to get the gemstones painted. For now I’ll try to get used to playing with a gate in my wraithguard list. I have a game scheduled for tomorrow night at the club against a Necron army. I’ll post up a battle report later this week I hope.

This coming weekend I have a wrap up club meeting for the league I was in recently (winter & spring). With painted ay judging and awards. I’ll be sure to get some shots of the forces.

– d

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