What is my Hobby up to? — 06.08.18

Well, I have been working hard to get my head around the workings of the new job. Unfortunately, that has left little time for hobby. And I am still struggling to get back to a normal game night schedule as well. I am hoping that will change soon.

Out in the yard – We have been trying to finish up these raised garden beds. After watching a interesting YouTube vid about SIP (Sub Irrigation Planters) SIP Construction. We decided to try it out this season.

We picked up the boxes at a yard sale last summer. At $10.00 each it was a pretty good deal for boxes that were 12′ long x 1′ wide x 11″ deep, We picked up 4 of them. I popped off the bottom board of two of them and stacked them so we have 2 deeper boxes to work with.

Pretty much as the video lines out we have built this SIP raised garden. We will test out the theory – and see how it goes this season. The plan is to grow specifically “greens” for salads and things. As a raised bed we hope to keep the slugs and snails at bay :). More updates as soon as we finish filling the beds with planting mix.

I did not miss this release from GW though …

HARLEQUINS … I of course have to get these. I have been really looking forward to getting back to my Harlequin army. I picked up the digital codex to peruse over the revised rules for the clowns in 8th ed, 40,000.

I have enjoyed playing my Wraithwall list while I learned 8th… but I am really looking forward to getting back to my first 40k love… the Harlequins. I looked around for 2 days trying to find where I had put my collection of harlequins… carefully hidden.

As I get older… life plays this game where at one point in time you decide to put something away where you can go back later to retrieve the carefully thought out placement for the item. Of course, when you go back later – your brain has lost that that bit of “easy to remember” information. Having outwitted myself for 2 nights searching… I finally located the army case with the old clowns lol.

Initially, I figured I will build one of the Webway Gates … I’d like to try one of these gates out with my Wraithguard list. And as a bonus I can take my Wraithknight through the gate as well :).

These kits seemed to be well designed. The mold lines were easy to clean up – and seams are well hidden after a few sub assemblies.

These are really large – I am looking forward to getting these painted.

I used lots of clamps were these things – with the long parts – thin and smooth seams it was hard to get even pressure across evenly over the lengths… so have your clamps ready if your planning on this build.

Awesome – you don’t have to glue the top portions of the gates – which is a nice touch – GW – thanks! This will make it easier to transport. I really like the look and feel of these models and they will make a great addition to my Eldar armies. I picked up 2 of these – I will build and paint the other one when I get my harlequins back in order.

I’m hoping to get more done on these, and to finish up some work on the bright stallion. Then it will be full focus on the Harlequin army.


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