What is up in my hobby – 05.10.18

Well, I started a new job this week.  Last week I was off work and got the opportunity to get two more games in on the league which I am trying to wrap up in.  I only have 2 more opponents.  It has been over 2 weeks trying to schedule the matches to no avail at this point.  The new gig is with an international company – still doing prepress.  But now the work is for boxes / packaging.  img_0400

The press is HUGE…

Three story tall… 93″ (inch) web width… it is just a big blown-up flexo press – ink on paper.  we print “pre-print” which will get laminated to the corrugated paper … which then in turn is die-cut and formed into boxes of various sorts.  So far the job is a dream with a great supporting department.  I hope to be there for a long time.

So with learning new processes and parameters and various print specifications I have not had time to update the blog.  And I am just now trying to figure out how to re-shuffle my hobby life around working 5 days a week again – with 8am-5 shifts.  This is new territory for me lol.  Most of my career I have been off work no later than 4pm… getting home around 6pm kinda sucks lol.

One bright spot is that the new job location is very close (too close?) to the new Wahammer Hillsboro store location.  I dropped into the store yesterday just to check it out and say hi.  I figured out that their 40k league night is fridays… not sure if I can work with that… but who knows.  Making it to my regular club game night isn’t out of the question on tuesday nights – I would be there about 30 minutes later than I have been… which isn’t that bad.  I like the sunday night game options at the club – but summer daylight weekends I would rather be outside lol.  So we will see – I will try to get something going on a regular basis soon.

OK – I had two games of 40k in the last two weeks… here are some quick notes on them and some photos.

40k League Cycle #4 — Game 1

The first match was against Tau … their book just dropped and I had not played them yet… or in a rather long time.  This army was a “Gun / Tank” line Tau force… and they dealt out LOTS of pain to my Wraithwall list.

The battle had 6 objectives one centered on the board.  And you would control three in each of your own deployment areas.  Basically, I intended to always hold my own and contest for the central objective (i think this was how it was…) and try to strangle hold a close victory.


My opponent tried to steal the initiative … but alas I had the first turn to put a dent in this Tau lines.  I can’t believe how poor my dice were – everything did so-so – but no knockouts – my wraith knight even failed to kill one tank.  I handed the turn over to the Tau… and he Tau guns opened up on my wraith guard without mercy.  So many hard hitting shots… it was a mess.

He focused his fire on my Wraithseer and Wraithknight… and at the end of his first turn the Wraithseer was gone.  The Wraithknight was hanging by a thread.  Luckily I got moving with some saving dice and kept the Hemlock from serious damage.

At the end of the first turn – I was down big time.  The kill points and 2 objectives game my opponent a comfortable lead.  I had to turn the tide in round 2 – or this game was over before turn 3.  My staggered Wraithknight again failed to do much damage – Although I had bracketed 2 of the tau tanks … none dead yet.

I had my wraith blades charge his warlord.  … and with them I took the big suit down but not out … but I lost my wraithblades in the exchange … I just needed to hope I could get something else to clean up what they started.

The Tau went back to work… cleaning out more of my wraith constructs – but this time I had better luck with saves.  And I suppose there were fewer easy targets for him.  I managed to hold on.  The victory conditions were still heavy in the Tau favor – I think 6 – to – 2 at this point?  lol.

My opponent landed another big robot suit thing behind my lines … to try and clear off my wraith guard from my objective.  My Guard held strong with good saves from the ruins.

In my following turn I pulled out my wraith guard to try and beat down this big suit.  … ridiculously I failed a charge to finish him off after landing some good hits.  This was pretty much how my game was going – LOTS of bad die rolls lol.

I dropped in my Wasp Warwalker (Zoat mini) at some point (turn 2 or 3?) and did some damage with shrunken cannons and missile launcher.  … dropped in from the sky to try and nab my opponents objective marker.

I still had my hemlock wreaking havoc… which was one good thing – but by this point my opponent was done messing around with it… and in his turn leveled nearly every gun at taking the Hemlock down… and he did.  But it did take all those guns off the rest of my force… which was nice.  Victory points were getting closer… somewhere around 10-6 by this point – I wasn’t loosing by much… I may get lucky and scratch out a draw.

In my following turn… (as I remember it) I had dropped in Eldrad and more Wraithguard in from the webway… and went straight to work on getting that Tau warlord gone.

All I had left was Eldrad by the time I made my charge…. but Eldrad did his work – and took him out at some point.  This helped even up the points… nearly.

By this point – my only gamble was to get my War walker to secure the one objective and have eldrad take the center away from the Tau.  But Eldrad parishes in the melee… and my gambit to get a draw fell short.  I concede at this point without any way to draw or win – it was going to be a loss regardless.

Victory for the Tau 13 v 11.  I came so close to fighting back on this one – but that Tau gun line was brutal.  I screwed up a few times – but mostly – my dice didn’t allow me to capitalize on simple charges and hits lol.

40k League Cycle #4 — Game 2

This battle was 2 days after the stinging loss to the Tau… I had my head in focus… to face a Grey Knights / Guard force… I even read up on the Grey knights and looked at his list online lol.

We decided to play and “Open War” game… here are the cards.  This is yet another reason I love these cards… it is so easy to take a photo of the cards to know what the battle was about lol.

I decided to set up right in the middle.. I sat a group of wraith guard on my lone objective and prepared everything I had to jump on the central one.

My opponent hunkered down with his Guard element .. and prepared to drop in Grey Knights to wreak havoc against my Wraithwall.  The Grey Knights end up going first… I fail to seize… and I prepare for the falling shells from all those artillery.

I end up taking moderate hits… but with decent saves.  I loose maybe 2 wraith guard but that was it for my opponents shooting.

I move my wraith knight forward… along with the Hemlock for focused fire on a handful of select targets.  I intend on putting things down when I target them in one turn if at all possible.  Unlike the battle with the Tau… lol.

I clear out a couple forward tanks… and critically take the last tank down to half points.  I clean up the last tank with the Hemlock.

The Guard stay in cover… guns ready for a stiff defense.  In my opponents turn they drop more fire onto my wraith guard … and the Grey knights started probing my deployment area – and making strikes to grab my objective.

A unit of Grey Knights drop behind some cover on my flank.. and pepper my wraith guard with Eldrad.  Unfortunately for my opponent… in my turn I guide my wraith guard and doom the Grey Knight target unit… and with Eldrad’s assistance I take out several of them.  Then in their turn they attempt to charge.. but I get enough wraith cannon hits to take out a the rest of the unit in overmatch (my dice are so much better with rest lol).

I get a bit aggressive, and I swing my Hemlock forward deep into the Guard stronghold.  I manage to whittle down some targets – but in the following opponent turn the Hemlock is taken out.

The Grey Knights left over from the 2nd round foray into my deployment area charge forward… .. (the warlord it I remember correctly).

In the Grey Knight 3rd turn… he drops another unit of Grey Knights into my back field – in a most daring attempt to take my objective.  They shoot up my wraith guard protecting my objective…leaving me with only ONE to defend it.  I need to swing this back my way before they get a beachhead in my zone.

In my following turn I moved all available wraith guard to take care of the Grey Knights issue in my zone.  I take out the lone rushing Grey Knight leader on my flank…and turn the other wraith guard to sweep out what I can of the other unit threatening my objective.

On the other end of the table I moved forward to increase the pressure into my opponents stronghold and objective.

I shot down the last of the Grey Knights and secured my objective – pressing forward my advantage everywhere I could.

With the Grey Knight component gone – the Guard folds under the might of the Wraith Knight –

Match – My opponent concedes … I was way way out front on victory points… and at this point I held 2 of the objectives.  And I had taken out nearly all his big guns… he had nothing left.  It was a fun game – (for me especially) but he was a great opponent and we had a great time talking about the game as it went.

He should probably have dropped all of his Grey Knights at once in my backfield … him splitting them up and coming at me piecemeal really allowed me to handle the battle.  If they all came at once… I would have been really stretched to react the way I had.

What else…

Currently, my hobby area is free of work – I need to decide where to turn my attention to next.  I’ve finished up the crane terrain (sorry no photo of that).. so my main group of Scrapyard / Junk Yard terrain is complete.  I want to get back to a few of the buildings I had started awhile ago.  They will go well with the idea.

With the impending release of the new Harlequin codex… I am thinking I may start work on them soon.  When I talked to the Warhammer store the manager said they will be released this month – so I will be getting that book and whatever new items come out to support it.

I will see what I can get done on the Bright Stallion project.  It needs primer and the weapons need to be built.  I think maybe 2-3 hours will get me done on that.  After that I can think about paint schemes – I know it will not be the same as the Wraighknight for my Wraithwall list.  I want to possibly use it with the Harlequin force I come up with.  So that is still undecided lol.

-back to work!


2 responses to “What is up in my hobby – 05.10.18”

  1. Awesome post sir!!

    I’m a recent transplant to the Pac. NW (was born and raised here but spent most of my adult life elsewhere) . .. in way up in Port Orchard WA … anyway I’m a long time player who drifted away during 5th-7th and have returned. I have a DG army and a huge AM Praetorian army (ran as mordians) … I was an Eldar player way back (BT .. 4th ed era). Sold it all off but I’m thinking about getting back in … really nice to see your experience here on your blog. Any advice for a post FAQ new build?

    Thanks and keep up the awesome posts!

    • Post FAQ for my Wraithguard list hasn’t been that bad. I get the need for a change on the Webway/deep strikes on the first turn. I’ve sometimes felt dirty when I’d drop 10 wraithguard with cannons to devastating effect … first turn – with Eldrad (guide and doom).
      Waiting till the second turn isn’t horrible. I’m patient, and by that point my opponent has a turn to prepare a little.
      I’m looking forward to seeing how the new portal/ gate will change tactics… I’ll know more in a couple weeks :).
      My new Harlequin Codex and portals are on pre-order.

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