This Week in Hobby — 04.24.18

Well it’s been a busy couple weeks for me. As of last February I was a temporary employee for the company I work for. Long story short …

The company I work for was sold, the new owner group decided to shut down several locations including my workplace plant. We had 90 days before the doors would be closed. I’ve been looking for a new job since The first week in February.

I finally got an offer sheet to sign last week with a really nice company (on the Fortune 500 list). I work in prepress … fixing the things designers do so they can print on various printing methods. The new job will be for a very large flexo press. Anyhow, that’s what I’ve been busy with. And now that I’ve landed my next job the stress and anxiety has gone back down to normal levels. I’ll have a little time off between gigs … so I’m hoping to get a few projects done … maybe.

To keep my brain occupied I’ve been working hard to finish the scrapyard terrain. And I’ve finished most of it in the last weekend. Here it all is with the fence I build a couple years ago on my zuzzy mat.

I found a few more things I need to add to the theme … these skull/bones piles …

And these tractors from GW …

I’m hoping to get the tractors done this week. I made good progress on them yesterday.

Projects still in the works ….

1) Bright Stallion will get the rest of the weapon arms done … and then some primer this week.

2) Arena Rex … I’ve pulled out some of the figures to paint. And I’m still hoping to get a custom arena done sometime soon.

3) Yurt … I’m planning on a full weeks work starting with my time off to get the water heater reattached and the tub plumbed.

4) Garden … spring has sprung and I need to get a pair of raised beds done for my wife before the big garden show in two weeks.

– that’s it for now … I’m hoping to get back to play some 40k as soon as the stalled league gets back underway.


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