This Week in Hobby – 04.11.18

I spent most of the week distracted from any major projects.  But I did do some major clean up and de-cluttering in my hobby area and shop.  Boxes stacked are out of the way and put in a agreeable place till I get the time to really sort through things.  One thing I have determined to do is to sell off things I am not going to do anything with.

My primary goal with the cleanup is to prep for the remodeling of my hobby room.  Tear out benches and rebuild my painting desk.  Over the last few weeks I have been learning to use SketchUp to assist my planning.  When I get it figured out I will let you know lol.

I did get a chance to get all the arm options magnetized for my Bright Stallion project.  I still need to work out the weapon options from the multiple sets I have to pick from.  I am hoping to get to that in the next week.

Here is a shot with the sword arm on… looks good.  This Bright Stallion is looking really bulky / “beefy”.  I am hoping it comes off as imposing lol.  Right now I am unsure about the paint scheme… I know that I want it fairly individualized when compared to my other models.  I want it to fit in… but I don’t want it to be the same either lol.  I am also thinking this will be part of my future Harlequin army rebuild… so it will need some flare of its own.

My other project this week has been to paint up some of my junk-yard terrain collection. I have been collecting various bits for a theme table for awhile… and when I was moving and cleaning I ran into some stuff from a recent kickstarter that I had cleaned up and primed.  I felt like it was time to try and bang out the paint on these.  So I set up an area to work on them while I was cleaning the shop.

I had picked up these tire piles from eBay and painted them a couple years ago – I wanted the new stuff to match them … so I set them out to keep me on track.

I started out with a warm brown color – to get the smaller rubble to match my older tire pile standard.  This was one coat of the brown (on top of the black primer).  Leaving some darker areas here and there for depth.

I then set about dry brushing two additional layers of lighter browns to get a good match to my standard tire piles.  I followed that up with some dark washes – to pull it all together.

I remembered that I had picked this big bot head up on eBay as well – I found it and did the same treatment as I did to the rest of the terrain.

After I had all the browns for the basing down I started pulling out colors on each piece.  Starting with a light blue… I when through each item – trying to get some variety to the piles of rubbish as possible.

I went back with a nice dark red… and started the same process.  I then went back with a slightly lighter blue and lighter red/orange and started some simple highlights.  After that I went back with a rust wash – to grime everything up a bit.

I am planning on pulling out all the wood elements next – dull tan and grey mostly for an aged / weathered look.  I also have some tires to pull out of them as well.  Each time I pull one thing out with a color – I notice more details.  The bulk of these were from a kickstarter I did last year.  I reviewed them on this blog a few months back.  They are wonderful.  I hope to finish this junk table project up by next week.

-back to work!


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