The State of my Hobby – 03.26.18

Well It has been roughly three months since I set about to change the state of my hobby… I thought it was time for an update as to where I am within my hobby and to adjust my outlook if needed.

It all started with last year being a bust as far as gaming went.  I did get quite a bit of painting done – but I didn’t get hardly any time to play.  So this year my main idea was to PLAY games… and if I don’t play a game I need to stop collecting the game (or army/faction) and possibly sell.

That was pushed into high gear in January – as I joined a 40k league here locally and at this point I have played more 40k than any game over the last couple years.  Which is awesome.  I just finished painting and rebasing my Wraithwall army at 2000pts.  I need to do a little work on the WraithKnight if I plan to keep using him with a shield and sword though.  But it is done for being “painted” legally / tourney list that is pretty simple to play without much forethought in planning.  Which is perfect for a “pull and ready to go” army for me.

So a rough evaluation … joining a league really got me going on play – and I found out over a just a few weeks how I was with the game at the current meta or local play style.  I like 8th ed 40k – so far it is my favorite edition over the last decade at least.  I am really looking forward to jumping back in on building my Harlequin force once the new revised codex drops this summer (hoping early summer).

So… in keeping with what has worked so far this year – my plan is to wrap up the 40k league and jump into an Infinity league which is just starting up.  If I don’t manage to make it into the league officially, I was told that I can show up on league nights and get in some open play.  So either way I plan to get some Infinity in… So these guys, may see some action really soon.IMG_8330.JPG

I have a “love the look – wanna love to play” relationship with Infinity.  The models are cool – I really like USAriadna as well as the Pano factions.  I have collected most all of the USAriadna.  And I have slowly built up the starter set Pano to a sizable force as well.  The only faction I have painted is the USAriadna at this time though.

My “issue” with Infinity is the crunch… the granular ability of this game to really tool every single part and portion of each model you add to your list.  At some point it just becomes to much for my “fun level” and becomes what I perceive as a “tourney gamer … game”.  I could be off the mark – but for the same reasons I liked the look but could never stand to play Warhammer Fantasy Battle… I didn’t enjoy the game.

My hope in playing regularly for 5-6 weeks is to break through the learning barrier and play the game to the point that I know the game enough to know if it is worth my hobby time.  Sure it is a great looking game – but is it MY kinda game?  Right now I am honestly 60%-40% AGAINST putting any more time into this game.  Mostly because so many other games I have fill a very similar niche’.  The only place that Infinity doesn’t have overlap with other games in my hobby is pure granular crunch… and sometimes that is something I want to play.  Typically though, it isn’t the kind of game I want to play every week – or every month.

I sincerely hope to know what to do with Infinity by the time summer arrives.  At a minimum I may simply sell off all but the two factions I like… and put it on the shelf for the times I want to play that kinda game.  At the maximum, I could sell it all on Ebay.

The real problem with all these great games, and I alluded this on my earlier “State of my Hobby” post in January.  Is simply there is too much for one gamer to play … or have time to paint or hobby lol.  Kickstarter nirvana overload lol.  It’s all so great… I really do love it.  But at some point I have to say enough is enough for ME.  I simply have to put the breaks on and try to control my urges for the pretty pretty miniatures lol.

I did jump in on the HATE kickstarter… those mini’s were great.  I plan to use them… really I do… maybe with SAGA?  lol.

Ok – long ranting … sorry.  Back on topic…

I plan to figure out Infinity in the next couple months.  I love 40k 8th ed.  I have cut back on my kickstarter stuff.

I have now decided I need to get to work on my long dreamt of hobby projects.  Top of that list is building my Eldar a Bright Stallion.


Yes, a Bright Stallion was a “Knight” in Epic.  I have a few for my Epic Eldar army.  And I want one for my 40k Eldar.  I have thought about this project for years.  I have seen many of them done online … sadly all done with Wraithlords.  To me this is not good – because a Bright Stallion was a KNIGHT.

About 5 years ago I think … I stumbled onto a german warhammer hobby forum.  I couldn’t read much of it – but I saw this image of a project using Wraithknights to make a Bright Stallion.  Since then I have dissected the images I pulled from the web as a guild on this build.  Over the last few years I picked up all the needed parts as well.

These are most of the parts collection I plan to pull from.  Which includes two full Wraithknights – and a part of another Wraithknight – AND a Forge World Skathach Wraithknight.  This build starts now.  I have finished my Wraith-wall army and cleared the hobby desk for this project.  Biggest question marks will be pose and paint scheme.  I also plan to magnetize all weapon options as well.


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