40k League Cycle #2 – Game 3

I spent most of my week trying to concentrate on getting the basing and paint scheme done on my Wraithguard.  I feel like I am about 50% them at this point – with most all the base colors done.  Now I need to start working on the details.  Other than that — it has been a fairly quiet week on my hobby front.


I did get my last cycle two match of 40k in last night down at the game clubhouse.  We opted to play a mission devised from the Open War Deck, which if you have not played a game with them… DO SO.  They are really fun and easy to get a totally unique match set up.

Here is the mission we ended up with.  As well as these cards – my opponent ended up with a lessor power level – so he drew a “Ruse” card which he used to his full advantage.

We set up the table (it was kinda sparse on terrain … but we were ok with it).  I chose the “B” deployment… and tried to “turtle up” most of my Eldar to protect the objective on my flank.  I also had my Wasp Warwalkers prepped to deep strike and my typical Eldrad / Wraithguard (cannons) in the web-way.  My goal here was to send these other units out to hunt the objectives or some other tasty targets.

My opponents force was a Khorne list .. 3 big flying deamons, 6 dudes on “khorne bulls” and an Imperial Knight (renegade).  For some reason my opponent forgot the knights legs (lol) as he was in the process of building it… so please excuse the unfinished knight “crawling without legs” lol.  Overall – he had an elite force of chaos.

I won the roll to go first… but my opponent rolled to “Seize” and got it!  I was hoping this wasn’t going to hurt … to much.  Then my opponent pulled out his “Ruse” card… allowing 3 units to reposition into an Ambush… (a minimum of 9″ away from my forces).  UGH this WAS going to hurt.

He repositioned all three of his deamon princes … ready to slam into my force.  My only hope here was die rolls to keep me alive after this hellish alpha-strike.

The big blood thirster got a bead on my wraith knight – followed by another big deamon attacking my wraith guard (d-scythes) and the 3rd charging my Wraithseer.  If I didn’t survive this – I was done.

I managed to get lucky with a few shots from overwatch to at least put some wounds onto one of the flying deamon monsters.  But the blood thirster beast nearly killed my wraith knight in the initial flurry.  Dropping my Wraithknight to only 1 wound left.

I spend some command points to interrupt with my Wraithseer – and at least got some hits in on the other flying monster.  And after it was all done… I had survived.  Sure my Wraithknight was nearly dead – but my seer was still ok… and I felt like I had enough to try and punch back.

In my first turn — I set out to destroy those enemy objectives.  I felt like my opponent was trying and bull through me – and he overextended his forces and left nothing to protect the objectives.  I had a chance – if I could get my opponent stuck in with my other forces and the Wraithknight for one more turn.

I dropped my Wasp Warwalkers on the far side of the table.  They landed next to an unprotected objective set to the far flank.  I knew I wasn’t going to get any shooting targets with them out there… I just wanted to burn down that objective.  Plus the wasp war walkers could “jump” 10 inches a turn – more if they advanced — I should be able to get them back in action if things went farther than round 2.

On the other flank my opponent had 2 of the other remaining objectives – which were fairly unprotected as well.  I dropped out of the web way with Eldrad and the unit of Wraithguard (cannons).  I “Doomed” the nearest target (his warlord) and guided the unit of Wraithguard.  My opponent tried to deny the witch – but failed.

I lit up his guys on the knorne bulls – including his Warlord and killed the warlord and one other guy.  My wraith guard with d-scythes fell-back and then proceeded to try and shield the wraith knight – also shooting one of the big deamons.  I also had the Hemlock lay some heavy D-scythes into the unity of bulls – trimming this group down significantly.

The Wraithblades rushed in to assist the Wraithseer and took down the 3rd big deamon.  My Bonesinger healed up my wraith knight slightly.  And at the end of the turn my wraith guard w/ Eldrad along with the war walkers destroyed 2 of the 3 enemy objectives.

My opponent realized at this point that he had misjudged … and over extended his rush for Eldar blood.  He turned his bull riders around (all but one) to defend the last objective… to try and tie up the wraith guard over there.

His big deamons split up – one to take down the annoying Hemlock and the other to finish-off the Wraithknight.  The renegade Knight advanced toward my Wraithknight as well …wading into my wraith guard defenders.

My opponent had minimal success with shooting ( my saves were really good as well) and launched into his assaults.  The last objective was at stake so the bull riders charged my waiting Wraithguard w/ Eldrad.  But on overwatch I took down one of them with wraith cannon blasts.  Leaving a lone and wounded bull rider to attack Eldrad.  Eldrad survived the attack (barely) and his returning staff blow killed the bull rider.

On the opposite side the big deamon got in on the Wraithknight – killing it!  I rolled to see if the Wraithknight exploded… and of course it did.  Killing the Bonesinger and wounding the deamon, the renegade knight as well as the d-scythe wraith guard.

But… even with all this carnage – I was feeling pretty good.  In my turn I advanced my wraith cannon Wraithguard to my opponents objective – surrounding it.  At which point my opponent conceded the battle.  Tricky Eldar win!

We discussed the game – and what could happen… most likely my wraith blades and wraith seer could finish off the wounded demon which killed my Wraithknight.  My hemlock could out run the flying khorne deamon.  My war walkers would start getting shots in as well.  My other wraith guard with the wraith cannons and Eldrad would focus fire on the remaining big targets (my opponent at this point had 3 models… 1 healthly flying deamon (the Khorne blood thirster one), one big deamon at 50% and the lightly damaged Renegade Knight.

It would have probably come down to a few remaining Eldar and the big blood thirster chasing each other around.  A draw perhaps was possible – but more than likely an Eldar victory regardless.

It was a fun battle – I love those Open War cards.


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