This Week in Hobby – 02.28.18

The first thing I started doing … was I cleaned up my hobby bench.  As you can see here, it was a big mess and cluttered beyond the ability to work on anything lol.  I spent most of my day off to clean this up and reorganize the stuff cluttering it up.

After I had the space clear, I set out and started redoing the bases on my Wraithwall army.  This had been bugging me since I had started playing with these new wraith guard – I had them on miss-matched primer basing.  And I really want to finish this army – so I can move onto my next project.

I had picked up some of the wraithguard on eBay and some of them had some cork styled basing.  So I started by popping off all figures without cork basing.  For the existing unit with cork – I just added some sand to the basing.  I realized then that I would need to pop these guys off their bases as well… so I can primer them all and get a consistent look throughout the army.

I primed them all a burnt orange – then I started giving them multiple washes to add some depth.

After the washes I went back and started dry brushing the rocks on the bases and the edges of the cork layering.

After a few passes with dry bruising and returning to some washes to tighten things up – I have the core of the army looking pretty good.  I had magnetized my Wraithseer when I did the snow bases a few years ago…. so it was easy to find base and magnetize it for this new alternative basing for the Wraithseer.

I then rummaged though some more potential Gaslands stuff … I have had Dark Future laying around for quite a long time – and of course these cars are perfect.  Even includes motorcycles!  And the parts bits for weapons is a great boon too.

I’m still pulling together the stuff for my Gaslands cars – so maybe a special post on that at a later date.



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