40k League Cycle #2 – Game 2

Finally, got my second game.  It had been postponed due to snow as well as being sick for a few days.  But this week I got myself down to the game club – and had a match.  This time it was Blood Angels!

The marines had a load out of a squad of 10 marines, a Lieutenant and a Dreadnaught.  Except for one of them…which only had 5 marines and the LT and dred.  which one is which… it was tricky to tell lol.

The shot above wasn’t the actual placement – for some reason I didn’t take a shot of the beginning of game placement.  I lost the go-first roll – but then I rolled to seize and got it!  I was really happy – because my opponents placement was that he had 2 of the flyers in one corner behind a big building ruin.  The 3rd flyer was to the opposite side (turned out to be the one with 5 marines and a dread).

I started out by dropping my two Wasp Warwalkers from deep striking and my unit of wraith guard with wraith cannons – along with Eldrad from the web way portal stratagem.  I got them in nice and close as you can see below – well within the wraith cannon 12″ range.

I then guided the wraith guard, and doomed the nearest target flyer.  Then when I got to the shooting phase – I lit it up!  BOOM!… one flyer down.  This set the tone for the match…

On the other side of the table – my hemlock chased down the other flyer – wounding it pretty good – but not bringing it down.  Meanwhile, I raced my wraithknight into the middle – hoping to draw fire and get something to smash.

The rest of my force slowly walked out of their shelter – and looked for targets.

My stunned opponent swept forward… taking the bait of the wraith knight and pummeling the big guy with lots of shots.  The wraith knight went under 10 wounds with the combined shooting.

On my next turn I swung my hemlock in behind the already wounded marine transport. And closed n with my wraith knight to be ready for whatever falls out.  The second volley from the hemlock nearly broke the flyer apart… it was nearly gone.

From the other side of the table I had my wasp war walkers fired everything they had to drop the wounded flying transport … and they did their job… 2 of the marines died in the explosion.

Three marines and the dread were left after the hemlock blew up the flyer.  The wraith knight charged the marines and cut them down easily.

On the the other side of things… the Blood Angels and Dread were working over my wraith guard unit… Eldrad scampered away.  The wraith guard kept falling back and keeping the marines occupied.

Things were not looking good for the marines.

After my opponents following turn… I had the hemlock swoop to the flank to help with mopping up the dread and marines.  The lone wraith guard got lucky and took down the dreadnaught before the hemlock got the chance.

The last marine flyer went looking for revenge.  Dropping its cargo of marines and the Dreadnaught – and charged my wraith guard.

After the marine assault – my remaining units converged on the area – the Wraithknight took down marine troops, the Wraithseer and Wraithblades took out the Dreadnaught.

On the other side Eldrad used the Executioner pic the Marine Lieutenant… an popped his brain.

On the other side… my Eldar surrounded what was left of the marines… with that … the end of round 4 my opponent conceded the game.  In all reality – given how things were going – it would have just been a quick turn or so chasing down the last of his forces – he only had a marine, a lieutenant and a almost destroyed flyer.

On my side – I had not lost one complete unit.  I had one wraith guard with wraith cannon – and two wraith guard with d-scythe left from their prospective units.  My Wraithknight was on it’s last legs (8 wounds)… but otherwise I had everything else uninjured.

I felt like my list was kinda overpowered for this opponent.  I am not sure what he could have done differently to change things – other than going first.

If I didn’t seize … it may have well been different though.  He would have had a 3rd flyer to punish my Wraithknight – and probably would have took it down.  Then he could have double or triple teamed my Hemlock.  From there I would have had to turtle up my forces – and he could have come at me all at once with overwhelming numbers on his terms.

All in all – I had a fun game – and another victory for my Eldar.


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