The Current Hobby – 02.22.18

Well it’s been a busy and crazy month for me.  Things have started to look like spring was coming on early in the Pacific Northwest… But today we have snow 🙂 – so I guess things are just normal for Oregon.

On Tuesday, February 6th my employer told us that our company was sold – and in 90 days the production facility that I work in would be closed.  I guess I will be unemployed by the time real spring arrives.  Great … so now I have been spending most of my free time getting my resumé updated – and putting myself out there as a new hire candidate… Fun times.

The cold and flu season is running throughout my workplace and family.  So when I am not too busy with work and employment stresses I have been trying to keep myself out of the infirmary lol.  Over the last week I have finally gotten things down to a manageable stress level.  Enough to get back on track (and to keep my mind occupied with things at hand).

First off … this happened …05be9d16-d3e6-4d06-a30e-ef1e01cc2afb.jpg

My friends parents are moving and cleaning out the clutter.  My friends father knew I coveted this old Apple ][e … and he gifted me the old beast along with software, manuals, etc.  I loved this computer (the 2nd computer I ever owned was a used Apple ][e) back in the late 1980’s.

I cleaned out the dust… and plugged it in… and it powered up like a charm – music to my ears as the big 5.25″ floppy drives screeched and clacked to life… I loaded a game and started playing from memory.  Of course that lasted for about 3 minutes as I have totally forgotten how to control things lol.  But what great fun it is to travel back down memory lane.

Next up, I finally got around to moving the new/old clawfoot tub into the Yurt.  I had rented this “Dingo” with a set of forks and a loader to do some things around the yard.  I really needed to get 4-6 yards of gravel moved in the driveway.  As well as move some things around that were just too heavy for a group to do by hand.

I packed the tub in with a heavy moving blanket and some heavy foam insulation I had laying about.  I then strapped the tub in …locking it to the forks.  It worked like a charm.  The tub is heavy – but I kept the forks low from the shop to the yurt porch.  Then I just needed to set the tub up on the porch – to be moved into the yurt later by a small group of strong guys.

Here is the tub waiting for me to get the plumbing worked out.  My wife is very happy that this tub is finally inside the yurt.  I am hoping to get the plumbing worked out in the next few weeks – I will post pictures of the completed tub when I get that done lol.

My next project on tap was to get some paint on my wraith guard.  I am hoping to get this army painted to an acceptable level before moving onto my next 40k army project.

I wanted to get an easy – nice looking accent color to use on these wraith guard.  I was reading through some paint blogs when I stumbled on this paint – reflective color shifting brush on possible paint.  Perfect,  I ordered some I found on eBay (from taiwan) and waited for it to arrive.

The trick with this paint was that your substrate had to be glossy for the effect to work.  In this experiment I simply brushed on some gloss lacquer.  After that was dry I brushed on a couple quick layers of the Phantom paint.

This turned out pretty nice.  I have since ordered 2 additional colors for future projects.  I am not quite happy with this basic look so I will be doing a few more experimental looks before I tackle the 20 some wraith guard sitting in my cue of projects.

I have always loved war-games with cars… all the way back to CarWars of my youth.  And hot wheels or matchbox cars were always a staple toy as well.  What could be better than a simple game that combines this passion (love)?

After seeing a couple youtube blogs showing off this game I had to pick it up.  I have yet to play a game of Gaslands – but I am hoping to soon.  I had picked up Warlands a couple years ago … but the rules were kinda clunky and the resin models were just not quite good in my opinion.  But I think they will work perfectly with Gaslands which is built around the idea of using your standard matchbox cars to build your forces.  Brilliant!

I have not had a game of 40k in a couple weeks – sickness and weather have really put a damper on getting down to game night.  But I am hoping to get a game of league play by early next week.


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